N95 mask

The N95 mask is a respirator that filters out 95% of harmful airborne particles; these airborne particles include dust, dirt, pollutants, contaminants, mist, infectious agents, viral diseases, and a plethora of other hazardous particles that could be detrimental to an individual’s health.

The N95 mask protects the user from inhaling deleterious airborne particles that could cause adverse diseases to an individual like lung diseases, heart diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, etc. 

The primary reason why the N95 masks are superior to other masks is that they prevent the user from inhaling deleterious airborne particles that are smaller than 0.3um; such droplets are caused after a person sneezes, talks, or coughs. They also provide more protection and keep the wearer safe than other masks.

The N95 mask has been considered the best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because it provides enormous protection against harmful and hazardous particles at an affordable cost. The weight of the N95 mask is light and it provides significant protection to the wearer of the N95 mask.

The N95 masks have proved their importance during the pandemic and wildfires. To deal with each of these problems, N95 respirators have been significant. They filter out the tiniest airborne particles that could affect an individual adversely.

If an individual, who has been infected by COVID-19 and who is unaware of this significant fact, comes in contact with another individual, that individual will breathe in the virus. This will eventually result in a spike in COVID-19 cases, and the magnitude of the pandemic will never curb. 


FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is a federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services. The main objective of the FDA is to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of the United States of America. It regulates biological products, veterinary drugs, and vaccines as well. 

FDA on N95 masks before COVID-19

The FDA has always cleared the use of N95 masks during calamitic events like the outbreak of the influenza virus and wildfires. This is because the N95 mask protects an individual from contracting contagious diseases and inhaling questionable and deleterious airborne particles.

When the influenza virus arose and started infecting individuals, the FDA cleared some N95 respirator models for the use of normal citizens. This is because the N95 respirator assists an individual in combating contagious viruses like the influenza virus etc. 

The FDA says that the N95 respirators help filter out hazardous airborne particles that could pose a great threat to an individual’s health. Furthermore, the FDA says that these N95 respirators do not cure an individual who has been infected; the N95 respirator prevents an individual from contracting such contagious diseases and viruses in the first place.

Influenza virus

The influenza virus is a contagious disease that spreads when an individual comes in contact with another individual. It resembles the new COVID-19 that has been wreaking havoc in various countries around the world since its arrival. 

When it arrived in 2009, the FDA cleared some N95 respirator models to be used by the general public to cope with such diseases and viruses. People fought the virus off by following some specific precautionary measures and wearing N95 respirators to prevent the fatal virus or disease.

During swine flu, the FDA also cleared and recommended the citizens of the United States to wear N95 masks. This is because the swine flu is contagious, and the people who have been infected by swine flu are most contagious in the first 3 to 4 days after contracting the disease.

Therefore, the N95 masks were also used when swine flu was wreaking havoc around the world. Thousands of people lost their lives due to the swine flu, but that number could have been higher if people around the world had not used N95 masks or respirators.

The FDA could have cleared face masks as well, but they cleared N95 respirators to be used during these catastrophic events because the N95 respirator provides adequate protection to the wearer from inhaling deleterious airborne particles such as infectious agents, etc.

During wildfires, the N95 masks have been proven indispensable as well. When a wildfire breaks out, the air quality of that particular place deteriorates, resulting in an environment filled with deleterious airborne particles.

These deleterious airborne particles include smoke, ashes, dust, dirt, and a plethora of other harmful particles as well. Such harmful airborne particles cause diseases like lung inflammation, throat disease, heart disease, cancer, and plenty of other dangerous diseases as well. 

The FDS cleared certain N95 respirator models for use, which prevented an individual from inhaling such as carcinogens, pollutants, and contaminants, etc. Furthermore, the user does not get harmed from inhaling such airborne particles, which is remarkable! That act saves lives as well.

The FDA has also recommended and cleared the N95 masks to be used in various industries where an individual is vulnerable to inhaling deleterious airborne particles. These industries include painting, mining, and construction, etc.


Hence, an individual can determine the significance of N95 masks from the aforementioned actions. This also shows that the FDA believes that N95 respirators are significant to cope with major conundrums like COVID-19, the influenza virus, various industries, and the swine flu, etc.

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