Scheduled to take place on the 3rd of November, the 2020 US elections will be a magnificent event that is going to be witnessed by the entire world, and will either be perceived as revolutionary or shocking. Revolutionary, if Joe Biden, the nominee who was once also the former president of the United States and is a current member of the Democratic party--manages to outdo his opponent, Donald Trump by acquiring more votes than the latter. And shocking if the Republican Party after the 2016 elections again manages to defeat the Democrats, otherwise known as the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden, in the 2020 presidential campaign is accompanied by an attorney and politician Kamala Harris, who is running for the position of vice president in the 2020 elections. Whereas, the incumbent president is again being accompanied by Mike Pence, who also joined Donald in his 2016 presidential campaign. The two concerned parties, The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have been at war with each other for so long now that the two are referred to as ‘arch-rivals’. The main reason behind the two parties’ rivalry is that both of them want to hold dominance in the country and therefore find themselves competing with each other on countless occasions.

Since America is already a polarized country, no one can give a 100 percent guarantee on either party’s win. However, this year was different for the entire country, including the public, the officials, and everyone else as well. This year is tainted by the rather incompetently handled pandemic of the Coronavirus disease. The COVID-19 outbreak and the US government’s response to it have remained a debatable topic among the public which was also discussed in the official presidential debate.

Decoding the country’s future based on their initial response

President Trump has managed to gain the status of being the center of attention during his entire presidency tenure. Although, Not solely because of his sub-average performance against the coronavirus because of his typical racist remarks, bizarre behavior in public and on social media, and last but not the least, his disapproval of face masks are all major contributing factors. The president was especially under fire during the hit of the first wave of the virus as he was unable to arrange sufficient PPE and N95 masks for healthcare workers all over America.

This wouldn’t have become as big of a problem if Trump had simply accepted his shortcoming in this regard and had taken measures to overcome this crisis. Instead, he went on to deny this claim during one of his White House Briefings in April and further elaborated that the frontline workers have sufficient PPE already. He even suggested that the healthcare sector should opt for the re-use of the N95 mask by sterilizing them as it would curb the scarcity of PPE such as N95 masks.

This suggestion by the current US president was problematic since his priority should have been to protect the healthcare workers who were risking their lives to save others. In addition to all this, the re-use of respirators such as the N95 is not recommended by experts because if sterilized, the N95 mask becomes futile offering no protection at all.

The president has also downplayed the threat caused by the virus and on more than one occasion has lied to the public about the country’s overall progress. Even though the numbers have come down but the economy has still not recovered and so haven’t the people who might have lost their loved ones during the outbreak. If The Republic party wins again this time, there is a high chance that the country will take a much longer time to bounce back to its original dominant position in the world. 

The N95 crisis

The scarcity of N95 and other PPE is another thing but the mere fact that the president himself on multiple occasions showed his approval of masks on public platforms even raises some questions about his handling of this global crisis. Trump had never been an advocate for using masks and respirators like the N95 and have been observed to condescend to people who choose to do so. Masks are essential during the present time and one must wear them to seek protection from the coronavirus, however, in one of Trump’s statements, he accused people of wearing masks and N95s not to prevent the virus but to mock him.

The N95s have been identified to be the most reliable mask that gives you 95% protection against viruses, bacteria, and air pollutants and has also been deemed successful in preventing the spread of coronavirus. But the likes of the N95 and other PPE had become extremely insufficient which was alarming since these masks were essential for the medical sector workers. Trump’s negligence of this problem and his overall non-serious efforts in ensuring the availability of these masks was noticed by everyone.


The 2020 US elections and the US presidential debate that took place two weeks before the election itself have brought all this negligence on Trump’s part to light. People of America including major personalities and celebrities all think that the win of the Democratic party and the potential of Joe Biden and attorney Kamala Harris as president and vice-president have brought hope to people. The pandemic caused a major collapse in the country’s health care system and the country faces major problems including its economy’s decline, the high mortality rate due to COVID, and the scarcity of N95 and other major PPE components.

The re-election of Trump could mean that the N95s might still not be available in hospitals of all states and the economy might also not recover for a long time and the healthcare system will remain just as bad as it is now.

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