What does the CDC say about Moldex N95 masks?

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Moldex Respirators 

Moldex Disposable Respirators have many superior technological innovations and innovative attributes that differentiate them from the competition, which guarantees convenience for the staff and ensures enforcement.

Pinchless nose direction that easily bends to the nose bridge, eliminating pressure and frequent change with metal nosebands

The Dura-Mesh proprietary shell wraps the filter media so that it looks better for a longer time. In addition, it can be avoided in daily usage and though the temperature is mild and humid. In compliance with ANSI/ISEA 110-2009 SECTION 7.11.1, they are resistant to heat and burn.

Our exclusive Ventex valve makes hot air easier, lowers respiratory resistance, keeps staff cooler, and makes masks more durable.

Various models such as the hanging HandyStrap and the hanging and customizable SmartStrap offer overall convenience and reduce overall ventilation costs

This and many other patented benefits build a Moldex breathing family that can easily be worn over a longer period of time, increasing compliance while reducing cost.

Difference between Surgical mask and N95 mask

What FDA Says:

The surgical mask is a disposable, loose-fit system that provides a functional shield in the immediate atmosphere between the wearer's mouth and nose and possible pollutants.

While an operating mask can block splashes and large-particle droplets, a facial mask is not filtered or blocked in the air by very few contaminants that are spread through cough or sneezes or some medical procedures. Surgical masks don't totally shield against germs and other contaminants since they fit poorly between the scalp and face surface.

An N95 breathing system is a safe ventilation appliance designed to achieve a near facial fit and very effective airborne particle filtration.

Is a surgical mask helpful?

Surgical or surgical masks did not follow both N95 and higher ventilation requirements. Surgical masks are often not meant to give the user’s’ a strong seal. Rather, these masks are much of the time intended to limit/avoid the flow of body fluids to the wearer and are thus not necessary to stop the transmission of small particles. In general, operating masks are not aimed at shielding the wearer from the contamination of tiny particles but at protecting the surgical area against the wearer's contamination.

The CDC has provided advice on the use of PPE and promotes the use of an N95 or higher-level NIOSH certified fit-test for healthcare workers. Although the transfer of viruses such as COVID-19 will not negate a form of respiratory protection, the correctly fitted and used N95 respirator will be of assistance.

CDC and Moldex

The new coronavirus COVID-19 was formally declared a pandemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the WTO on 11 March. The virus has spread to at least 167 countries across six of the seven continents, first detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province (China). More than 550,000 cases and more than 25,000 deaths have occurred internationally by 27 March 2020. On 21 January 2020, the first case in the United States was revealed. By March 27, 2020, Johns Hopkins registered more than 92,000 new incidents and more than 1000 deaths in the United States. The actual numbers are calculated by authorities. Here you can find existing infected rates and mortality of COVID-19 coronavirus in the US. In addition to touching hard surfaces infected with the virus, it has been reported that the virus can spread via humans through airborne contact, droplet, and direct contact transmission. Coronavirus COVID-19 is typical signs of dry cough and fever, as well as a general sense of pain. Governments around the world are reviewing this very fluid situation on a regular basis.

A note was released on 2 March authorizing the use of some obsolete respirators, including 7 Moldex N95 models, for health employees. Both Moldex NIOSH-approved ventilation devices currently available under EUA are allowed in Appendix B. You can learn more about respirator expiration dates and the emergency approval Notice here. In response to the shortcoming of respiratory safety, the Workplace Security and Health Administration (OSHA) published interim recommendations on N95 use on March 14, 2020. The Guideline reads as follows: "To inform workers that the employer suspends temporarily the annual fitness test for N95 respirators to protect the breath in situations where breathing is needed, and to prioritize the delivery of respirators for use in situations in which they are required to be worn."

Note: Respiratory protection equipment is only successful when fitted and worn correctly. Where NIOSH-certified respirators are used, they should be a minimum of 29 CFR 1910.134 in conjunction with a robust respiratory safety program. This does not require medical assessment, preparation, and fitness monitoring.

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