What does the CDC say about the differences between wearing an N95 mask and a KN95 mask?

The booming increase in the novel coronavirus cases across the country and the world itself has led to the manufacturing of masks at an immense level by all the companies who manufacture in the field of safety and protection. 

Due to the government being in constant support of people covering their faces so that the virus does not get spread more rapidly than it already is, people are getting inclined to buy personal protective equipment like N95 Masks, KN95 Surgical, and Cloth Masks.  

Though the market is full of options for covering the face and different face masks, the reports and census have indicated N95 respirators to be the most efficient of them all. 

Due to the growing demand for N95 respirators and their increasing popularity, people often tend to confuse themselves between theKN95 respirators and N95 respirators. Through this article here we will make sure to let you be able to differentiate the N95 respirators and the N95 respirators according to the CDC guidelines,

N95 Respirators:

N95 respirators are an essential part of our daily needs as of now because of the pending that has been widespread all over the world. Just as a seed needs water to grow and cotyledons to protect itself, similarly, we as humans need air to breathe. N95 respirators are that safety gear that acts as the cotyledon for us in the times you live in. Let's go through the points below to get to know N95 respirators better,

  • One thing about the N95 respirators that we should be clear about is that the N95 Respirators do not protect against oil-based aerosols; therefore, they are not worthy of being your safety gear when you work in an environment where oil-based aerosols are pretty much always involved.
  • The N95 respirators are found to prevent the contaminants present in the air from getting inside the mask by the efficiency of 95%. The N95 Respirator is made to avoid about 0.3 microns in the diameter of particles inside the mask.
  • The N95 respirators are known to provide better safety than any other personal protective equipment. Therefore, you can consider yourself being shielded against the novel coronavirus very well if the mask fits around your face perfectly.

To get ourselves more aware of the N95 and KN95 Respirators and what the CDA thinks about them, we will be trying to deepen our knowledge on both the respirators. We will at this moment be differentiating between N95 and the KN95 Respirators on the different basis given below,

The difference based on Efficiency against viruses

  • The efficiency of KN95 Masks Against Viruses

○ The KN95 masks are designed in a way that they are supposed to trap out 95% of the 0.3-micron diameter particles from the outside environment or vice versa.

  • The efficiency of N95 Masks Against Viruses

○ The N95 masks are designed with the same vision as the KN95 masks are designed. They are also meant to drop out 95% of small particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns.

Based on demands and certificates issued

  • Demands and certificates issued for KN95 Respirators

○ The demands for N95 respirators are not that high or skyrocketing as that of the N95 respirators.

○ The KN95 respirators are not in demand because of the origin country of the KN95 masks and their certification. The KN95 masks are issued an emergency certificate by the FDA to be cleared for being used as personal protective equipment.

  • Demands and certificates issued for N95 Respirators

○ The demands of N95 respirators have been continuously skyrocketing, which has led to a shortage of N95 respirators.

○ The N95 respirators are in very high demand because they are provided certification from the topmost authorities responsible for Health Care Management, NIOSH, and CDC.

Based on the reusable nature of both the masks.

  • In the KN95 Masks

○ The KN95 masks though initially made for disposing of after one use, are being found in the recent studies to be able to get reused, which is a beneficial feature, especially in times when there is a lack of personal protective equipment all over the world.

  • In the N95 Masks

○ The N95 respirators, on the other hand, are made to get disposed of immediately after one use.

○ They can only be used twice or thrice on the condition of them being adequately decontaminated, undergoing the procedure that has been introduced by the FDA for the decontamination of the N95 respirators.

○ These respirators are in no way made to use twice or thrice without properly decontaminating them. One should make sure not to commit such horrendous actions because it will not act for their benefit.

Based on the place of availability on the online market

  • Of the KN95 Respirators

○ The KN95 Respirators are readily available on the online market on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more sites that provide lifestyle products to the customer at home.

○ You can quickly get one of these respirators because there is not much demand out there for KN95 respirators, yet CDS has approved them for playing precisely the role that an N95 respirator does.

  • Of the N95 Respirators

○ You can grab hold of N95 respirators in an online market too, but you might experience a little trouble with the availability of these masks.

○ You can get yourself an N95 respirator on online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and many places on the same outskirts.

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