What does the CDC say about the filtration ability of N95 masks?

N95 mask:

N95 masks are the simple face pieces that are used by people to get protection against different types of microscopic particles present in the air. N95 masks are used by some professionals that mostly have to work in hazardous situations. Different organizations, including the FDA, have approved N95 masks for use in public. These N95 masks are made up of different types of protective layers that increase its efficiency to filter the harmful particles. 

These N95 masks can filter 95% microscopic particles that can cause some serious health issues. N95 masks can give protection against many Viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, and many other dust particles that are dangerous for human health.

Importance of N95 masks in a pandemic:

During this threatening time of COVID 19, people have suffered a lot in the form of disturbance in their social life. Millions of people have been affected by the Coronavirus and some people that have been suffering from different diseases are the prominent target of COVID 19. Governments of different countries have tried to find some ways and techniques that could solve this problem.

So, to control its spread, the United States has manufactured N95 masks for the people that were at the major threat of being affected by the Coronavirus. The N95 mask has proved to be life saving personal protective equipment for millions of people. 

CDC recommendation about filtration ability of N95 mask:

The COVID 19 has become a threat to the whole world because this virus has spread to such a dangerous level that it’s really hard to eliminate it from the world. But most of the public healthcare organizations are working for the safety of people. And for this reason, they have tried different strategies that could help people to protect themselves from this dangerous disease. 

So, for the protection of people in this pandemic, they have decided to take a step that has proved as the best adaptation in this present time. Public healthcare organizations have recommended the use of N95 masks for the people who want to protect themselves in this threatening time. These N95 masks have saved millions of lives by filtering the dangerous particles that are mostly present in the air. 

And these particles can be dangerous for human health and they can cause serious damage to the respiratory system of a person. Because, there is a fact about these harmful particles, as when they get entered into the human body, they directly attack the lungs. And after getting entered into it they start damaging the cells of the lungs that can be turned into dangerous cancer in the future.

So that's why, to avoid this kind of serious respiratory disorder, different organizations have recommended N95 masks for protection. CDC has proved the N95 mask as the best personal protective equipment for use by many professionals present in different countries. Because no other mask can give such good protection against COVID 19 that the N95 mask provides. There are different factors about N95 masks, based on which CDC has recommended it. 

Facts about the filtration of N95 masks according to CDC:

Even if there are many factors of N95 mask that make it the most effective personal protective equipment among all of the other mask products. But one fact that makes it prominent among all of the others is its efficiency of filtration. Many organizations have approved N95 masks based on its filtration ability because it can filter about 95% of the harmful particles. In the same way, the CDC has mentioned different facts about the efficiency of filtration of N95 masks. 

The first thing that the CDC has explained about its filtration is that it can give the maximum filtration against microscopic particles. It provides such a level of protection that is not easy for any other mask in this pandemic. CDC has mentioned the reason for this fact. And the reason was that the filters used in its structure can filter all the harmful particles that could get entered otherwise.

But this high-quality filtration doesn't allow any hazardous particle to get entered during respiration and that makes it more protective. CC has discussed another fact that is related to its manufacturing. They have mentioned that the non-woven fiber used in its structure during manufacturing, increases its efficiency of filtration. And this fact makes it more efficient to give maximum protection against a different kind of particle present in the air. 

By keeping in view the present situation of COVID 19, CDC has considered it necessary to recommend people the use of N95 masks on a daily basis. Because they already know about the importance of these N95 masks, and the high-quality filtration ability. According to the CDC, the efficiency of filtration N95 masks is really important in this pandemic to keep people protected. 


The N95 mask is the most recommended all over the world. And many public healthcare organizations have mentioned different facts about this N95 mask. In the same way, CDC has focused on some important facts about N95 masks, and the efficiency of filtration is one of them.  They have mentioned that the N95 mask is the most effective personal protective equipment among all of the other mask products. 

According to CDC N95 masks have a high-quality fiber used in it, which makes it more efficient in its filtration ability. And that's the reason that the N95 mask can give maximum protection against COVID 19.

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