What has Bill Gates said about N95 respirators?

N95 mask

The N95 mask is a particulate respirator that filters out or blocks 95 percent of hazardous airborne particles from entering into a person’s body and infecting it adversely; these airborne particles include dust, bacteria, dirt, pollutants, and a lot of other deleterious particles that could pose a threat to an individual’s health. The N95 mask prevents the user from getting infected by health-detrimental diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, lung disease, and plenty of other diseases.

There are several reasons why people emphasize purchasing N95 masks instead of other masks or respirators. The N95 respirators prevent the user from inhaling deleterious airborne particles whose size is tinier than 0.3um; droplets that are caused after a person sneezes, talks, or coughs. These droplets could be inhaled by an individual and cause further damage to an individual. The N95 respirators protect an individual from getting infected by these life-jeopardizing diseases.

Bill Gates on N95 respirators

Since the pandemic began, the higher healthcare officials have recommended the normal public to wear N95 masks at all costs. This is because COVID-19 spreads when an individual comes in contact with another individual. Since COVID-19 is a contagious virus, it spreads if the infected patient’s harmful airborne particles have been inhaled by someone who has not been infected by the virus yet.

To keep yourself protected, wearing N95 masks is crucial, for both of the people. This is because the N95 respirator does not let harmful airborne particles enter into the individual’s body who has not been infected. Furthermore, the N95 respirator has been considered the safest and the best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) since it keeps an individual safe at a cheap price and is light-weight. 

Bill Gates says that he does not know why people are not wearing the N95 respirators to curb this fatal pandemic. The cost of the N95 respirator is not that expensive, yet some people do not buy it and are getting out of their homes without wearing the N95 masks. Although the N95 respirators keep an individual safer, people still do not wear it for some reason. Higher healthcare officials have been urging the normal public to wear the N95 respirators.

Furthermore, he says that it is hard to understand why people are not wearing N95 respirators even though the N95 masks do not irritate an individual’s face at all. He says that the United States should have taken the virus seriously. He further states that some Asian countries like Korea and China got rid of COVID-19 very early because of wearing N95 masks. They would have not been able to do it if the normal public of those countries had not worn the N95 masks.

Bill Gates further says that the only way to prevent yourself from getting infected is by maintaining social distancing and wearing N95 respirators. He expresses confidence that the United States will soon defeat this fatal pandemic if the normal public continues wearing N95 masks and he donated 100 million dollars to COVID-19 relief efforts to assist them financially so that they can continue helping the masses to put an end to this fatal pandemic.

In recent news, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates said that one of the reasons why the United States has had the most deaths is because we underestimated the value of N95 masks and downplayed the severity of this fatal pandemic (COVID-19). He said that some political leaders took the severity of the virus seriously while the others downplayed its fatality and did not take it seriously. Bill Gates must be referring to Donald Trump who downplayed the severity of COVID-19 by saying that COVID-19 is normal flu.

Because of the non-seriousness that was shown by the President of the United States and the normal public, the United States is in this terrible situation. All of this would have never happened if the higher authorities had done something significant, he said. Bill Gates stressed the importance of wearing masks by saying that the people of the United States will have to wear N95 masks to suppress the fatal spread of COVID-19.

In addition to that, Bill Gates says that we will have to help the people of the United States to understand the significance of N95 masks. He further stated that we will have to make them understand that the N95 masks keep you as well as your near and dear ones safe as well. Political leaders like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump were not seen wearing an N95 mask until July, four months after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. Therefore, Bill Gates must be mocking them without mentioning their names.

Bill Gates also said that it took a while for the higher authorities to let the normal public know the significance of N95 masks. If they had been somewhat swift in announcing that, thousands of lives could have been saved. Furthermore, wearing N95 respirators must be made compulsory to cope with this fatal pandemic. 


Bill Gates has said that the use of N95 respirators must be made compulsory for the normal public. This is because N95 masks save lives. The United States of America (USA) could have avoided this catastrophe if they had been swift in helping the normal public realize the importance of N95 respirators. He further said we have underestimated the significance of N95 masks, and everyone must wear N95 masks to keep oneself as well as others safe from this fatal pandemic.

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