What has Elon Musk said about N95 masks?

N95 respirator

A mask or respirator that has the capability of filtering out deleterious airborne particles is called an N95 respirator; these hazardous airborne particles include bacteria, dust, dirt, contaminants, and plenty of other harmful airborne particles as well. It protects the wearer and prevents the user from inhaling such hazardous airborne particles as inhaling harmful airborne particles could cause several diseases. The N95 respirator is 95 percent efficient at filtering out or blocking harmful airborne particles.

Cancer, lung disease, throat infection, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease are some diseases that could happen to an individual if an individual inhales such hazardous airborne particles. The primary reason why people around the world buy N95 masks instead of other masks or respirators is that it blocks 95 percent of harmful airborne particles, which are the size of 0.3um. Inhaling such hazardous airborne particles could be harmful to an individual’s health.

Elon Musk on N95 masks

When COVID-19 broke out in China, it spread across different countries around the world. It adversely affected people from different countries around the world economically. The novel coronavirus spreads when an infected individual comes in contact with someone who has not been infected. If the harmful airborne particles that come out of the mouth of the infected individual are inhaled by someone who has not been infected, he will get infected by COVID-19.

Therefore, major healthcare departments around the world have urged the normal public to wear N95 masks to suppress the spread of this fatal virus and save more human lives. Elon Musk, unlike Bill Gates and other CEOs, said on Twitter that the N95 respirators are a pain to wear, and less onerous masks are better than N95 masks while the experts say that the N95 masks are 95 percent efficient at filtering out harmful airborne particles.

Elon Musk said the above statement because if an individual incorrectly wears the N95 masks, that increases the chances of the individual contracting COVID-19 and spreading it further. On the other hand, experts say that if an individual wears the N95 mask correctly, the N95 respirator is 95 percent efficient at protecting the individual. This is what makes the N95 respirator fatal as well as safe for an individual.

Elon Musk donated 50,000 N95 surgical masks to US hospitals to cope with the conundrum, i.e. coronavirus. He donated N95 respirators because of the acute shortage of N95 masks faced by healthcare officials and the normal public. When the pandemic started spreading across different states of the United States, some people did not buy the N95 masks while other people bought ample amounts of N95 masks.

Because of this, the shortage of N95 masks occurred. This is why he donated 50000 N95 respirators to hospitals across the United States (USA). Apart from his donation, Elon Musk has been non-serious since the pandemic began. He said that people should not worry about this fatal pandemic. He further said that worrying about the virus is dumb, and he further downplayed the severity of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. 

Elon Musk said that people should not purchase and wear N95 masks while he suggested that people should wear surgical masks. This is because surgical masks are easy to wear, and the N95 respirators are difficult to wear. He further downplayed the fatality of the virus by saying that most of the children are immune from the virus, and the virus will not adversely affect them. If an individual wears the N95 masks incorrectly, they could adversely affect an individual.

Therefore, he said only healthcare officials like doctors and nurses should wear N95 masks because healthcare professionals come in contact with the infected patients multiple times while treating them. Since they are healthcare officials, they know how to wear and how to take an N95 respirator off as well. Since they are experienced at handling such Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), it is easy for them to use N95 respirators. That is why Elon Musk said that healthcare officials ought to use N95 masks.

He also delivered several thousand ventilators to US hospitals to assist them in coping with this fatal pandemic. 

Although he had downplayed the severity of the virus in the past, he did it because he wanted to calm the people down and would not want the people to panic about the virus and cause further tensions. Furthermore, the CEO of Tesla has also been helping various hospitals in the United States (USA) in other ways as well. He said we are working on getting different types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well to provide further assistance to healthcare workers and the public. 

Elon Musk donated thousands of N95 respirators later as well. Instead of Elon Musk, CEOs around the world like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates stressed that N95 masks must be worn by the public to suppress the spread of this fatal pandemic. While Elon Musk had said N95 respirators are a pain to wear, he also stated that other masks ought to be used by the public to cope with this fatal pandemic. 


Elon Musk said that the N95 respirators are arduous to wear, and other face masks ought to be worn by the public. He further said that only healthcare officials must be given N95 masks because they know how to use it while the public does not. 

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