The N95 mask had cemented its reputation in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, and Construction. Prior to the pandemic, people have been purchasing the N95 mask for them to be protected. Also, big companies have been procuring the N95 mask for their employees. With the pandemic, the demand for the N95 mask skyrocketed to overwhelming rates. Companies like 3M have been constantly meeting the demands for the N95 mask. Hospitals, Drug Stores, and Online stores have been the primary markets of the N95 mask; further leading to expansion and market growth. However, there are issues that concern the N95 mask.

Issues with the N95 mask

Given the protection it provides, there are issues that the N95 mask is facing. These issues of the N95 mask threaten humanity.

  • Looting. Since the pandemic had started in the United States earlier this year, people have been impulsively buying the N95 mask. This leads to a scarcity of stocks in companies, pharmacies, and other stores that sell the N95 mask. That is why an ordinance was passed that prohibits the consumers from looting medical-grade masks like the N95 mask.
  • Price Gouging. This can be connected to the Santa Monica incident where a woman was arrested for price gouging the looted N95 mask. Price gouging is done to multiply sales in an instant. That is why authorities have been apprehending people who price gouges the N95 mask.
  • Counterfeiting. To make ends meet, people have been counterfeiting the N95 mask. This has created a massive opportunity in the expansion of the market for the N95 mask. However, the counterfeited N95 mask only endangers the one who is wearing the mask.

Despite the market growth and the constant efforts of companies to meet the overwhelming demand for N95 masks, these issues about the N95 mask are still present. However, there is a company in the United States that is rumored to have a lot of stocks of the N95 mask.

What is AIM brands LLC?

AIM Brands is an association of brands in Europe committed to delivering sustainability and growth. This company taps into various brands that are trusted by most people. Their office is situated in Arkansas, United States. Aside from tapping into reliable brands, AIM Brands provides marketing solutions to these companies to further widen their reach to people and expand their market.

Some companies that this company had tapped into are medical companies or companies that supply medical equipment. Along with their vision of delivering sustainability, AIM Brands is also committed to ensuring the efficiency and fairness in the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to medical personnel.

AIM Brands is also a supplier of medical tools like medical graded gloves, laboratory gowns, masks like the surgical mask and the N95 mask, and others. The company is also a reliable retailer across the American states and world-wide acknowledged companies through reestablishing interrupted sources. With this initiative of AIM Brands, they are hoping to eliminate the scarcity of the N95 mask through contemporary techniques.

What’s their relationship with the N95 mask?

The news was uploaded online last October 22 of this year announcing the instant accessibility of the N95 mask brought to you by AIM Brands. Not only is it just an N95 mask, but this mask is also NIOSH-certified and it is in a total of more than ten million pieces. This is the company’s response to the alleged looting of the N95 mask amounting to $800 million. AIM Brands ensures that the N95 mask that they offer to the public or to those who need it the most is of top quality.

AIM brands are pro-transparency and equality in terms of PPE distribution. This is to aid hospitals in which the economy and commerce are slowly being revived. With the help of the PPE like the N95 mask, hospitals are more equipped with the necessary protection while waiting for the vaccine to be publicly distributed.

Why do AIM Brands LLC have such an initiative?

With the company’s goal to eliminate scarcity of the N95 mask, AIM Brands LLC changes the game in distribution; since the protection of the most important workers is the topmost priority in these trying times. Also, they want to ensure the kind of mask that people wear. They want to make sure that only the trusted like the N95 mask is what people are getting.

Protection of the Most Important Workers

Workers from the industries that concern the production of food, public safety, and education are considered to be vital aspects of society. AIM Brands believe that these vital workers needed to be protected and provided with necessary defense. Thus, providing them with the N95 mask. Also, this move off the AIM Brands eases the graveness of responsibility in hospitals. Since the N95 mask can filter airborne particles that may contain harmful microorganisms, giving these workers the protection that the N95 mask can provide also helps the government in controlling the rising cases of covid-19 positive.

Kind of Mask

Aside from equality in distribution, AIM Brands also guarantees that the mask they provide to people is appropriate, of top quality, and legitimate. Looting and Counterfeiting have always been alarming issues concerning the N95 mask. With the scarcity that these issues have resulted, AIM Brands acted. Countless news about N95 mask fraudulence, production of low-quality N95 mask, and price gouging have been combated by AIM Brands to bring the N95 mask closer and even more accessible to people.

With such goodness from the AIM Brands LLC, the supply for the N95 mask is slowly being secured; making it available to everyone, especially to the essential workers. The company only proves that securing the defense against covid-19 by providing the N95 mask is an excellent move to further lessen the cases. Also, this generates a ripple effect. With lesser cases, the sooner commerce will turn back to normal. The economy will be revived.

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