What is an antimicrobial mask? Are N95 masks antimicrobial masks?

The world is currently going through one of the worst pandemics in its history. The novel coronavirus has already caused enough damage to the human civilization, and now, not a single attempt of creating a vaccine has been successful. In these times, every doctor is suggesting that care and precautions are the best way to fight COVID-19. Masks, sanitizers, and other such measures, to avoid contracting the virus, are the priority. 

But the masks that are currently being used are not particularly that effective, and it is very light and cannot wholly defend us. N95 masks, however, are believed to be better able to protect our face to avoid the passing of any contamination. However, in this case we must take ultimate care and should keep finding the best option for our health. 

N95 Masks

The recent popularity of N95 has also brought a debate about which one is the right mask that will completely protect our mouth area. In comparison to the usual disposable masks, we use quite commonly are not as good as compared to the N95. N95 masks also come with a few more features as compared to the regular surgical masks. N95 masks have that air-filter attached to it which filters 95% of contamination from the air we are breathing hence the name N95. 

Medical workers and chemical factory workers mostly wear N95 since it is a bit stronger than the standard surgical masks, which are used only to avoid germs and pollution from getting into our nose and mouth. But due to this severe destruction of coronavirus people think that they need the safest option out there and they turned towards N95. However, N95 is a bit irritating to wear and can also cause skin irritations, but if you are buying a N95 mask of good quality, then that should not be a problem.

On the other hand, surgical masks are easy and quick to wear; their soft feel is also delicate as compared to the N95 masks. To begin with, the people in the utmost need of the N95 mask are the health workers as they have to deal with all the contracted patients and surgical masks aren't a fit for them. N95 is built from a more robust material; the shape of N95 masks are also designed in such a way that they adequately cover the entire mouth region to prevent the maximum percentage of the contaminations. 

The importance of N95 masks is evident by the fact that the current supply of these N95 masks is insufficient to cater to the demand. The quality of N95 masks is assured by the fact that the makers of this mask have to get regulated by the safety and health authorities before making the N95 masks. Only after getting permission by the regulatory authority’s companies are permitted to make these masks. 

Even after getting permission to make an N95 mask, they are run through safety and quality checks before the companies supply them to the customers. So we can be assured that special care is being given to the manufacturing of the N95 masks in terms of its authenticity. And judging by the intensity of the massacre this virus has caused I think N95 masks are essential and are a better option.    

What is an antimicrobial mask?

Almost everybody has to wash his face mask now and then which is a hassle. No matter which mask are you using, whether it be N95 or surgical masks, you need to wash them. It is better to dispose of the surgical masks after single use only, but N95 masks should be washed as they are slightly expensive and also N95 masks have a better life-span. 

Some people are claiming to have invented a mask that gives them a long time between each time you wash the mask. The antimicrobial mask has a property that fights and eliminates bacteria and viruses that cluster around your mask. After some time of being on the surface of your mask, they try to penetrate the surface and enter your mouth, which ends the whole purpose of your mask and thus ends their lifetime. 

An antimicrobial face mask tackles this problem and avoids clustering of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the face mask thereby increasing the lifetime of the mask, and also you don’t need to wash them again and again after every use as they are designed in a way to fight all these contaminations from clustering on your mask. 

Is N95 an Antimicrobial Face Mask?

Well, the answer to whether N95 comes with antimicrobial resistance or not solely depends on the fact that how it is designed as the market is filled with both types of N95. However, most of the N95 are now coming with antimicrobial resistance. Authorities are strictly making sure that all the N95 masks must be included with antimicrobial resistance due to the severity of covid-19 across the globe. As people have also become more conscious due to this pandemic, they are asking their healthcare providers what is the best thing for their health, if they are N95 then which kind of N95, the public is keen to know 


It is no doubt that N95 masks are a better option as a precautionary measure against covid-19 as compared to other masks. N95 is not only durable but also purifies the air more extensively than others and therefore is a winner. However, the increased demand for N95 masks has left nothing for the health care workers to use. People should understand that healthcare workers need them the most, and it should be left for them if the supply is low.  

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