What is an N95 Mask Stockpile?

If you have been paying attention to the current broadcasts, you have probably heard of the fact that they might be a personal protective equipment N95 mask stockpile somewhere in the United States. There are a lot of people that are asking a lot of questions about it and what it means to the United States population. 

In this article, we will discuss what it means when one says that the United States has its own N95 mask stockpile as well as why you should have your own N95 mask stockpile at home. 

What Is The “Secret” N95 Mask Stockpile?

According to sources, there is a secret N95 Mask Stockpile that is located just outside of Washington that can fit at least two super Walmarts. It is said to have hundreds of thousands of shrink wrapped boxes of medicine and that it carries a massive N95 Mask Stockpile that can help protect the population from biological attacks.

The current N95 masks stockpile is part of many other products that are in the stockpile. It is currently valued at $7 billion and this is a dire reflection of the challenges that many individuals in the medical field have to face. The medical field has been underfunded for a long time with many of the budget getting cut down to hold down costs and face only crises as they come out. There was no space for contingency. There were also public health and emergency preparedness officials that need to reflect a lot after the predicament that we are all currently in. 

The Stockpile Reality

Unfortunately, the N95 masks stockpile’s reserves were not significantly restored after the 2009 pandemic. This is what is being said by those in the  industry and public health experts. This is caused by the limited budget of about $600 million annually that has made it even harder for the officials to create a stock when in fact, the urgent needs also already needs some work. The officials in charge of the stockpile also focused on what they say was a more pressing priority during the time of need. Since there was no immediate threat at the time, the focus of the funds was directed towards life saving drugs and equipment for diseases. There were also some disasters that emerged before the new coronavirus that needed government attention over and above anything else.

Just recently, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that the stockpile has an estimate of the following supplies:

  • It has about 12 million N95 respirators;
  • It has 30 million surgical masks; and 
  • 5 million N95 masks in the stockpile are expired.

This means that the current stockpile reality that we have is a scant 1 percent of the estimated 3.5 billion masks the nation would need in a severe pandemic, which we are all hoping would not be the one that we are currently in.

The Things You Should Now Have At Home

Now that you know how the government tried to be ready for a pandemic or a natural disaster, you should also be ready at home. There are a couple of things that you should now have at home:

  • Your Own N95 Masks Stockpile. Make sure that you have your own stockpile of N95 masks now. It is now your responsibility to make sure that you and your family are protected from the virus by having your own supply of N95 masks and N95 respirators. It is important for you to always have what you need and to always take care of yourself when necessary.
  • Your Own Supply of Medicine. It is also important to have your own supply of medicine. Since there is not yet any kind of showing that the problem will be solved anytime soon, it is important to look at your own home as a sanctuary. Make sure that you have the supplies that you may need to have your own supplies and have everything that could potentially bring you great protection like N95 masks and N95 respirators.
  • Your Own Emergency Kits. Having your own emergency kit is like having your own stockpile of protection for you and your family. It is important to make sure that you have everything ready for the needs of your kids. This should already include a piece of N95 masks and N95 respirators for a family member.

Take Care Of Yourself

At the end of the day, the only person who can fully help you out with the problem that the world is currently facing is yourself. Whether or not the rumours are true or whether or not there is a supply that is hiding somewhere, the general population will not be the priority. The priority of the government will be the vulnerable, the medical frontliners who help the vulnerable, and of course, some government officials. It is important to make sure that you have your own supply of personal protective equipment like N95 masks and N95 respirators and that you keep it that way.

N95 masks and N95 respirators are available from online sources that have their own supplies and that can help you stock up on your needs. You can try online sources like the 3M website, the CVS online platform that delivers your medical needs as well as some essential goods, you may also try the Clinical Supplies USA website which provides the best and the top quality N95 masks and N95 respirators that you may need.

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