What is Home Depot doing to combat the Coronavirus?

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Since the beginning of 2020, a deadly virus is dominating the globe. Originated from China, it spread all over the world rapidly by infecting millions of people, and thousands are deaths. At first, people didn’t take the virus seriously because the symptoms were very similar to common flu, cold, and cough. The symptoms are common and not very irregular, but the contagiousness and capability to trigger existing conditions of a body can turn fatal. This is why many people lose their lives in these few months. WHO marked the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic because of the massive rate of infection and death rate.

This all-new virus is still unbeatable as the vaccine is still under the testing process. A few more months will be required for it to come to the market. Once a person catches this virus, he or she has to go to isolation to keep the surroundings from contamination. The treatment will be against the conditions that spiked up and the common symptoms and COVID-19 that is a high temperature, nausea, throat sore, breathing troubles, etc. Hence, the only way to beat this virus is to take precautions so that no further problem shows up. Wearing masks, washing hands, using sanitizers, eating healthy food, and keeping social distance are the significant precautionary steps recommended by the healthcare experts.

It is a massive outbreak, and the entire world is fighting together to save the human race. The governments are trying to circulate the rules and regulations that the citizens must follow to stay away from the virus infection. They have announced lockdown for an extended period, and now gradually, they are withdrawing the same, asking the citizens to maintain all those regulations. The government and the giant companies are also taking part in making things easy and safe for everyone. Amazon played a crucial role in managing the household’s production and distribution of necessary items and medical supplies to people without creating a mess. Amazon stopped selling other things and only the essential items during the lockdown period. Also, it put a barrier in supplying N95 masks in bulk to any particular buyer apart from the healthcare institutions so that there wouldn’t be any discrimination between the supplies.

Amazon has also incorporated many regulations for its employees’ safety. For their notable contribution, the United States has recognized them as an asset of the country. However, not only Amazon but other businesses have also played their role to serve their customers and take care of their employees successfully, and Home Depot is one of them.

They have made temporary improvements to their company as they search for the health of the customers and their associates' health.


Security Measures:

They have put in place a range of steps for their customers and associates' protection, including:

  • Reduce the number of customers allowed in stores at a time
  • Early closure of shops to allow more time for sanitation and rehabilitation
  • Requiring partners and consumers to wear non-medical face masks in stores; Home Depot employees are required to wear a mask or face cover in all Home Depot sites and facilities.
  • Eliminated big promotions to avoid heavy traffic to the stores
  • Non-medical face covers and gloves are issued to associates.
  • Distribution of thermometers to partners in stores and distribution centers and recommending that they carry out safety checks before reporting to work
  • Encouraging social and physical distance practices in shops by floor marking, signage and adding plexiglass shields to keep customers and employees at safe distances


Expanded Benefits for Associates 

We also provided workers with $850 million in increased benefits to mitigate some of the COVID-19 obstacles they may face. The Home Depot has:

  • For workers, 65 years of age or older, or who are most vulnerable, according to the CDC, added 240 hours of paid time off for full-time employees and 120 hours for part-time employees.
  • Extended 80 hours of paid time for all full-time workers and 40 hours off for part-time employees, to be used at any time in 2020 at their discretion and paying out if not used.
  • Extended benefits of dependent care and deferred co-payments
  • Providing paid time off for any companion who has contracted COVID-19 before a doctor releases her
  • Providing up to 14 days off work for any member needed to be quarantined by a public health authority or CDC
  • Providing paid time off for any companion who has contracted COVID-19 before a doctor releases her
  • Providing monthly incentives for hourly workers in retail and fulfillment centers — $100 a week for full-time hourly employees and $50 a week for part-time employees
  • Time off plans relaxed


Return, Refund, and Delivery Policy: 

During this time, they have done the following to help their customers:

  • Expanding free curbside pick-up to most stores as an extension of the online pick-up service available in-store
  • Limiting programs and equipment to those critical to the maintenance and repair needs
  • Expand delivery options at homedepot.com for orders
  • Advise both distribution and home services associates to take routine preventive steps, including regular washing of hands, disinfecting regularly touched surfaces and carrying a hand sanitizer
  • Extended the return policy from 90 days to 180 days and asked customers at this time to refrain from returning the product to the stores if necessary


Supporting Communities

The company has donated tens of millions of dollars to meet the nation’s needs and took the following steps to continue the company’s contribution:

  • Carried out a no-sale for N95 masks and redirected all shipments to hospitals and healthcare providers as soon as hospitals declared the shortages.
  • Marshaling the expertise of and supply chain and merchandising teams to deliver quality goods worldwide and speeding up the delivery of the items needed
  • Months ago, due to COVID-19, prices voluntarily froze nationally across high demand commodity categories.
  • Donated millions of dollars to healthcare centers, health care providers and first responders in personal protective equipment ( PPE) and other items
  • Make order fulfillment a priority for hospitals, service providers, and frontline workers.

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