What is the least popular N95 mask model?

COVID-19 outbreak was a major problem for the countries around the world to handle. The supply of personal protection equipment (PPE) including N95 masks and N95 respirators posed a wide range challenge. Companies around the world started manufacturing these N95 masks and started the deliveries to various countries. N95 masks came into the market in various models.

Some of the N95 mask models were considered to be the best for protection against the virus. These best N95 models gained much appreciation around the world. However, there were some N95 mask models that did more harm to the general public instead of good. Different health institutes tested these N95 masks for the comfortability, effectiveness, and filtration quality. So, from all the models some of the N95 masks, following are some of the least popular N95 mask models:


N95 Mask with a Valve

Some of the models of N95 masks and N95 respirators come with a valve on the sides. This valve is used for breathing purposes. At the start, people preferred this type of N95 mask model; however, some people faced problems. By using these valve N95 masks, the transmission of the virus was not stopping. It led the research institutes to conduct proper researches to check for the problems.

All of the researches showed that these N95 models were good enough to protect the person from the virus. However, they failed to stop the virus droplets from escaping. In this way, these masks proved to be the cause of virus transmission to other persons. It was the major backdrop of this N95 mask. It caused the distrust in people for these N95 mask models. 

It decreased the market value for these N95 masks and these masks became the least popular in the market. However, the manufacturers came up with new strategies to enhance the quality and make these masks better. But, it still failed to gain the trust value of customers. 

3M 1860 Medical N95 Mask

This N95 mask model is basically used in medical fields for the nurses and doctors. It was initially designed to provide comfortability to the users and maximum protection against the virus. However, later on, these N95 masks failed to be comfortable for the users. These N95 masks did not fit properly to the user’s face and cause irritation. These N95 masks caused problems for the workers as they were involved in long term activities.

Secondly, these masks are of low profile. N95 masks are usually made in the best qualities and verified by NIOSH; however, the personal experience by various customers may not be that much good. It causes the low profile rankings of N95 masks in the general public. It’s not the least popular N95 mask, yet it is not comfortable for many users as well.


N95 Masks with PVC and other Chemicals:

Some N95 masks come with the PVC bands. These PC bands can cause breathing problems for people with breathing sensitivity. Some people are sensitive to various chemicals and these chemicals cause severe issues for them. So, the N95 masks that have some PVC and other chemicals are dangerous for the customers.

It causes the major backdrop for these N95 masks. The market value fell to a great extent and the investors and companies around the world started showing their concerns about these N95 masks. Due to these faults, these types of N95 masks are least popular among the masses. They are preferring other N95 mask models over these masks.


Duplicated N95 Masks or KN95 Masks:

NIOSH basically verifies the N95 models for their effectiveness, comfortability level, and air filtration quality. And after checking, the companies are given permission to deliver these N95 masks to the market. So, mostly the medical staff and the general public receive the NIOSH verified N95 masks. However, there are some manufacturers who produce low-quality N95 masks.

Moreover, KN95 masks that were basically manufactured by Chinese companies have been duplicated by various local firms to degrade Chinese products. These masks reach to the general public and medical staff without verifications and proper checking. So, these N95 masks affect the health of the public. Rather than protecting the masses, they make them vulnerable to the virus.

Because of the duplicate manufacturers and no NIOSH verifications, these masks have been demotivated by the authorities. These masks are the least popular in the general public. People do not trust the manufacturers until and unless they see the NIOSH verification mark on the products.

Faulty and Open Packaged Masks

After manufacturing, the companies pack the N95 masks in proper packaging, and then they are delivered in the market. The seal contains the NIOSH verification mark. However, sometimes, the damaged products without any packaging reach the market. It causes doubts about the quality of N95 masks. These N95 masks then receive the least attention from the masses.

It is a major question that most of the people ask from the CDC and FDA, about the broken N95 masks. So, it is recommended by NIOSH, CDC, AND FDA not to use these masks. Therefore, there is a distrust in public about these N95 masks.


N95 masks are generally regarded as the best masks for use by the public. However, the above mentioned N95 masks are least popular among the masses. Their usage is not recommended by the institutes and researchers. So, it is best in the interests of the public not to use these masks. Always use the N95 masks which are the best and as per the quality standards of NIOSH.


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