The pandemic had led factories across the world to shut down. This is to prevent factory workers from being contaminated with the virus. Other factories were forced to lay off some of their workers to minimize costs and save money. While those who maintained their jobs were given protection, such as the N95 mask.

It is an unimaginable scene if medical-grade masks like the N95 mask were not out and were not even invented. More people could have died each and every day; including those who are on the frontlines. That is why the N95 mask is effective protection. It filters up to 95% of free-floating particles in the air that may contain strains of viruses and bacteria.

In the United States, there are over a million pieces of the N95 masks used on a daily basis. If the pandemic will continue to haunt people, the number of used N95 masks will continue to grow. This is because the N95 mask is the most trusted mask to be used in this pandemic. Doctors and Nurses use the N95 mask daily to protect themselves from the virus. Also, workers from stores are also required to use masks, preferably the N95 mask. This is for a fact that these workers encounter people from day today.

Aside from the Medical industry, the N95 mask had gained a reputation in the fields of Construction and Engineering. Apart from protecting the wearer from viruses and bacteria, the N95 mask can also filter particles like sand, sawdust, smoke, smog, and dust. The N95 mask can even protect the wearer from exhaust fumes and volatile gases. Masks like the N95 mask are appropriate for workers like Welders, Masons, and Miners.

Truly, the N95 mask is a blessing to everyone. However, the possibility of canceling the production of the N95 mask is still on the desk. This is due to the constant concerns of raw material providers and other factors as well. But what exactly can trigger the cancellation?

Before getting into the factors straight, you must know that there are two models of the N95 mask: the valved and the un-valved. These models of the N95 mask have separate means of production. Since the valved N95 mask requires, obviously a valve, therefore, the company must produce and create a valve for this model of the N95 mask. Now, here are the factors that might contribute to the cancellation of the production of the N95 mask.

  1. Supply and Raw Materials

Companies making the N95 mask are reliant on materials that are imported from other sources. Factors like weather, a delay in transporting the raw materials, and a sudden change in schedule can hinder the production of the N95 mask. Also, the demand for raw material providers to increase their pricing can also hinder. Manufacturers of the N95 mask will always look into affordable yet quality material. If the providers increase their pricing, this would mean that some of the N95 mask manufacturers will into other raw material providers; delaying the manufacturing of the N95 mask.

  • Machines

In the production of the N95 mask, machines are there to increase productivity and maximize the time in producing large amounts of the mask. Meaning, machines could also be a potential threat in hindering the production of the N95 mask. That is why machines are checked regularly to make sure that the efficiency of their performance is of top quality.

  • Utilities

Factors like proper lighting, ventilation, and workspace can hinder productivity. If these factors are forsaken, there is an expected delay of the N95 mask. The target amount will most likely not be met. Workers need to feel comfortable while creating something useful and can protect people, like the N95 mask.

  • Customized parts

The valved N95 mask needs to create its customized valve for breathability. The valve is composed of materials for it to be assembled by the manufacturer. These high-grade materials are exported from other countries. If there is a delay in the shipping of the materials needed, then there is also a potential delay for the N95 mask.

  • Labor

Although machines increase productivity, human labor is still required especially for machines that need human assistance. If a large number of workers are sick, then there is a potential threat to the production of the N95 mask. That is why workers need insurance and assistance for they are the driving forces of the company.

These are all contributing factors that might cause a delay in the cancellation of the N95 mask production. That is why the government needs to be supportive of the N95 mask producing companies’ initiative to supply the masses, especially hospitals with the needed N95 mask. Freezing the price of raw materials needed is one thing that the government can contribute. In this way, manufacturers of the N95 mask will no longer need to find another supplier.

If ever the manufacturing of the N95 mask is to be canceled, this would make people appreciate the fact that masks like the N95 mask should be left to the medical people. They needed the protection that the N95 mask is offering. People should skip buying the N95 mask and choose the reusable and washable cloth mask. Also, people can choose other alternatives to the N95 mask that can provide protection against the virus. In this way, people can help in strengthening the safety of medical people.

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