Masks nowadays are pretty much a staple in every household. And anywhere you go, people wearing different types of masks are normal sightings already. Masks like the N95 mask had always been popular across the medical and construction industry. The N95 mask is regulated by the FDA and NIOSH. Meaning. The N95 mask is of premium quality and medically graded according to standards. With the protection it provides, the N95 mask is the most recommended type of mask to be worn in this pandemic.

The usual N95 mask that you see is the one that has a coved mask with straps on both ends to wrap around the ears. However, there are several complaints from people about the N95 mask’s straps. The longer the N95 mask is worn, the more pain people feel at the back of their ears. This is actually a setback from wearing the N95 mask for too long. It gets really uncomfortable.

That is why several companies have made a strapless N95 mask. Is it possible? Yes, and this strapless N95 mask is already in circulation. This definitely changes the game as far as protection from viruses is concerned.

What are strapless N95 masks?

Basically, it is an N95 mask; minus the strap. This particular type of N95 mask was born with the people’s demand for even more convenience. This type of N95 mask acts like a tape that one can put on the area of the nose and mouth. Since this N95 mask acts like tape, there are little to no areas for leakage. It creates an even tighter seal like the usually strapped mask. In terms of filtration ability, this strapless mask also functions as the regular strapped mask. Unlike the usual N95 mask, this mask can be worn for long hours without getting uncomfortable.

What are some models of the N95 mask that are strapless?

If you are expecting to see a strapless model of the N95 mask from 3M, skip this. 3M’s N95 mask has straps and for the record, they have not made any of the N95 masks that are strapless.

These strapless N95 mask models are fully functional and practically function the same as the strapped N95 mask. It appears to be like plastic but it is not. The good thing about this strapless N95 mask is it is reusable. To add, these N95 mask models are NIOSH certified.

The ReadiMask

The ReadiMask is created by a man named John Schwind. This N95 mask has four layers: the outer layer which is a mesh for its form, the filter layer which is found on most models of the N95 mask, the third layer that provides comfort, and the fourth layer which is a tape made from medically approved silicon. This unvalved and strapless N95 mask is comfortable and can aid both inhalation and exhalation, without endangering the wearer from any bacterial contaminant and/or any form of breathing compromise. Truly, as the tagline suggests, it is the mask that seals.

Fitseal Strapless Respirator from FaceSeal Technologies

FaceSeal Technologies blessed the consumers with this hypoallergenic strapless N95 mask. This N95 mask is made from materials that do not contain latex, like the usual strapped N95 mask. This mask is like an apron for this is a one-size-fits-all with no straps and nose seal. Aside from the N95 mask, FaceSeal Technologies also produces the N99 mask and the P100 mask.

Strapless N95 mask from Avery Dennison

With Avery Dennison’s partnership with Global Safety First (GSF), this strapless N95 mask was realized. Unlike other N95 masks, this model has a specialized air-filtration medium with a filtration ability of over 95%. You do not need to worry about rashes because this mask is engineered to be skin-friendly.

Issues with the strapless N95 mask

With the desire of people to a more convenient N95 mask, it also comes with disadvantages as well.

  • Temperature issues. Since a strapless N95 mask is an adhesive that creates that tight seal, it might not be able to resist high temperatures. However, silicon-made strapless N95 masks are proven to resist high temperatures.
  • Oil and sweat issues. The usual strapped N95 mask has a nose clip and that nose clip has a sort of cottony and spongy texture underneath responsible for oil and sweat. Unlike the strapped N95 mask, this strapless N95 mask does not have that texture underneath. This poses a great threat to the adhesiveness of the mask itself. It might wear off.
  • Affordability. The strapped N95 mask is around 3$ to 4$ per piece. This one is around 7$ to 8$ a piece. This is quite expensive for a fully functional N95 mask. But given the comfort and convenience it brings, it is a money-back guarantee.

Why should you go strapless?

The issues of the strapless N95 mask are not actually quite a big deal. The convenience that this mask can bring is way more than its issues. Since there is a worldwide scarcity for the strapped N95 mask, this mask is a great alternative given that the pandemic is still on. With the strapless N95 mask, it changes the game of protection. From the strapped ones that are a little uncomfortable on the ears, to a more convenient strapless one. With the constant reminder of leaving the N95 mask to the medical personnel, the strapless mask is something that people can wear.

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