N95 mask

The N95 mask is a respirator that blocks or filters out harmful airborne particles like pollen, bacteria, dust, dirt, mist, mud, and a plethora of other particles that could be hazardous to a person’s health. The N95 mask prevents the wearer from inhaling harmful airborne particles.


Based in Issaquah, Washington, Costco is an American retail company. It is a retail company that sells multiple products like appliances, jewelry, electronics, computers, furniture, and plenty of other products as well. It is the second-largest retail company in the United States (USA) after Walmart.

Since it is a retail company, it imports masks from China. The masks that Costco sells do not adequately protect the wearer. Furthermore, the quality of such masks is bad. The wearer faces breathing problems while using these masks. These masks irritate the wearer as well.

There are several masks sold at Costco. Some of these masks are FLTR95 sealing face mask and Single-use ear loop mask. They are good masks, but they do not protect an individual as the N95 mask does. The cost of such low-quality products is kept cheap to attract customers.

Therefore, it is crucial to wear N95 masks. The N95 mask is 95 percent efficient at filtering out hazardous airborne particles; these airborne particles include dust, dirt, bacteria, mist, mud, infectious agents, viral agents, pollutants, pollen, and a plethora of other particles as well.

The primary reason why people around the world would rather buy N95 respirators over other masks or respirators is that it blocks 95 percent of the hazardous airborne particles, which are the size of 0.3um. No mask or respirator can filter out tiny particles as the N95 mask does.

If these tiny particles could get into an individual’s body, lungs, or nose, they could cause harmful diseases like cancer, lung disease, and cardiovascular diseases, etc. 

The N95 mask is considered the safest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because it adequately protects a person from getting infected by contagious diseases; these contagious diseases include COVID-19, the swine flu, and the influenza virus, etc. Another reason is that it is safe.

If an individual wants to purchase masks or respirators from Costco, they would have to compromise with the quality of the product. If a mask or respirator is not approved by NIOSH, it is preferred not to buy such masks because NIOSH only approves high-quality and effective masks or respirators.

However, some various sites or locations sell effective, high-quality, and remarkable N95 masks. One of these websites or locations is Clinical Supplies USA.

Clinical Supplies USA

Clinical Supplies USA is one of the best websites and locations to purchase N95 respirators. It is one of the only places to buy NIOSH-approved and high-quality N95 masks. Their stock is full of ample proportions of N95 masks that are manufactured by 3M. 3M is the largest N95 manufacturer in the United States of America (USA). 

The mission of Clinical Supplies is to keep America safe by selling effective N95 masks or respirators. These N95 masks provide value for money, which means that the N95 mask adequately protects an individual at a cheap price. In addition to that, such N95 masks are quite comfortable for an individual. 

Some masks and respirators are sold at Clinical Supplies. The quality of these respirators is exceptional. The N95 mask does not irritate the user, and it does not make it hard for the user to breathe. Hence, clinical supplies is a reliable website or location to buy N95 respirators.

3M 9205+ N95 mask

This mask model is one of the best masks available at Clinical Supplies USA. This product is approved by NIOSH, and it filters out or blocks hazardous airborne particles like pollen, bacteria, dust, and dirt, etc. This mask is quite soft, which does not irritate the user at all. 

This respirator has an adjustable nose clip that provides a secure custom seal. The weight of the product is light, which means an individual can wear this mask for hours without irritation. The industries where these masks are used are mining, construction, transportation, and general manufacturing.

The N95 respirators have proved their significance during COVID-19 and wildfires. Higher authorities recommended the people around the world to use N95 masks to cope with contagious diseases like COVID-19 and catastrophic events like wildfires, etc. 

When wildfires broke out in California, the higher health officials would recommend people wear N95 masks to combat the unhealthy levels of air quality and hazardous smoke. California was filled with toxic and venomous levels of smoke.

This smoke could cause various health problems like bad throat, lung cancer, heart disease, and a couple of other diseases as well. Such smoke could adversely affect the immune system of an individual and cause a plethora of other health problems. Therefore, an individual must purchase a high-quality and NIOSH-approved N95 respirator.


Costco sells fine masks and respirators, but such products are not approved by NIOSH to be worn by the normal public. The quality of such masks and respirators is not good. In addition to that, such masks and respirators do not adequately protect an individual from contagious diseases.

Clinical Supplies USA sells NIOSH-approved, high-quality, and affordable N95 masks. An individual must buy such high-quality masks and respirators to keep himself and his family protected from contagious diseases like COVID-19.  

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