Weekly Update: What N95 masks are currently available at CVS?

N95 mask CVS


N95 masks:

N95 masks are face pieces that are used to cover the face to protect yourself from any kind of harmful airborne particle that can be dangerous if someone inhales these particles through respiration. Many public healthcare organizations have approved the N95 mask to be used in public and many other medical institutes where people are treated against many diseases. N95 masks are made up of different layers of protection and especially a non-woven synthetic fiber has been used in the manufacturing that makes N95 respirator more productive. 

Because of its high-quality, N95 mask can filter about 95% of the microscopic particles that are present in the air. The particles that can be filtered by N95 masks include a virus, bacteria fungal spores, pollen spores, and dust particles. N95 mask is specially designed in such a way that it can filter maximum smaller particles. No other mask can beat the filtration capacity of the N95 mask and that's the reason it's the most demanded respirator.

Role of N95 masks during COVID 19:

At the end of 2019 when the first patient of COVID19 occurred in China, then within a few months this virus spread in different countries throughout the world. It was a hard task to control the transmission of this virus at any cost because till then it had destroyed the economy of many countries completely and some of the countries were at the edge of destruction. Millions of people died of the coronavirus at an alarming stage. Then the public health care organizations decided to take a step for its control.  

 They designed N95 masks to protect the people against this virus. The N95 mask has saved a huge number of people by their high-quality filtration and created a resistance against the coronavirus. In this way, N95 masks have played a great role in the control of the infection rate in a short time.

N95 respirator & CVS Retail Corporation:

In this pandemic when millions of people were suffering from this dangerous disease, many online websites and stores have played an important role in the provision of many N95 masks and other personal protective equipment. And CVS is one of them.CVS is one of the top-rated retailer corporations that provides many types of equipment medical institutes, including N95 respirators, that are serving humanity.

CVS is originally named as Consumer Value Store that consists of professionals to run this online retailer corporation all around the world from where people can purchase anything that they want to protect their lives. 

Role of in Pandemic:

While people are struggling to save their lives in this threatening time and therefore searching for such equipment that can help them, many online websites are helping people by providing them medical equipment and other personal protective equipment that are essential for protection against COVID 19, and CVS is one of them. And it includes N95 respirators. 

 Not only surgical products but they have also supplied many N95 respirators to millions of people all around the world. They have tried to provide lots of essential N95 products at a reasonable price with high quality so that most people can afford these respirators during this pandemic. Among all of the products, the main protective equipment is the N95 mask that is most demanded across different countries because of its high-quality filtration.  

N95 Masks at CVS

Mostly N95 masks are not present in CVS stores because every corporation has its strategies and rules to sell a product so they also work according to the demand of the public in the United States to fulfill their requirement of N95 products. They have the privacy that doesn't allow other people from different countries to get an entry on their websites. 

Protective respirators available on CVS:

Customer value store (CVS) is providing several products to customers that include many surgical types of equipment and also many medical or healthcare products that are used by millions of people especially during this pandemic. All of these products are approved by public healthcare administrations and that’s why they are safe to use.

The N95 mask is one of those approved personal protective equipment (PPE) that is categorized on their high-quality protection against many viruses. So the respirators available on CVS are: 

 The first one is Anti-dust, a disassembled face mask that is great to use daily because they are so easy to use that anyone can use it without any problem and it gives maximum protection against many harmful dust particles (to some extent same as N95 mask) that are mostly found in the atmosphere. It has a high filtration power and also has the advantage of having the ease to use on a daily basis for many people whenever they go for their work. 

Homemade masks are available at the site of CVS. These are designed simply and useful in protection against any kind of microscopic airborne particle. These are not the same as N95 masks but they are good to use.


All N95 masks are the most demanding respirator all around the world so many corporations are working on the supply of N95 respirators to protect people, and CVS is one of them. But mostly, there is no N95 mask available on this site because they have their separate strategy and rules to sell a product so they sell the products that are required in the United States. Not according to other countries.

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