What respirator models from Europe can be most closely compared to N95 masks in the US?

N95 masks are considered as the best kind of personal protective equipment that every person should help. For a long time the United States mean manufacturer 3M has created an N95 mask that not a lot of countries have. This is because the supply chain and the logistics me is directed only towards the epicenter of the United States.

In Europe, there are different kinds of personal protective equipment just like the N95 mask that individuals should try to use in the area. While the surgical mask has been called the symbol of 2020, European suppliers have their own take on the protection that is required for individuals.

In this article, let us look at how countries address their problems when it comes to facemask, the debate that occurred and rivaling concerns, and the best kind of protective mask that is comparable to the N95 respirator as approved by the NIOSH in the United States.

The European Debate

There are many different negative points of views in Europe that negate the use of the personal protective equipment such as masks and respirators and everything else in between. In this section, let us discuss and debunk some of the negative points of view of European countries when it comes to the use of face masks and face coverings in general. The following are the arguments and counterarguments:

  • The supply is limited so only those in the medical field actually have their own set of masks. This is a common mistake that some countries believed in at the beginning of the pandemic. Now that it has been determined that the virus is airborne and that every single individual in the world needs to have the right kind of protection as offered by surgical masks, N95 masks and the like, it is important for people to have everything that they can.
  • Masks can give a false sense of security. This is also a wrong point of view because even if people would feel relieved that they have a face mask on, they need to always know that they can stay protected and that they can always be happy with their choices.
  • It is important to wear a mask correctly so the general public cannot do so without contaminating themselves. This is a common mistake that people need to know more about. The good thing is that there is already a lot of information available that would let people know about the right way that they can use masks.

The Models That Can Compete With N95 Masks In The United States

Europe has a different kind of regulatory body when it comes to protection of the individual. The N95 mask equivalents are different in Europe. The is the model of mask that can compete with the N95 masks in the United States:

FFP2 Masks

The filtering face pieces (FFP) are the masks that are required to comply with requirements defined in European Standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009. It is important to know that the FFP2 corresponds to N95, as defined by U.S. standard NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 so the masks that fall under the category of FFP2 in European countries are tantamount to the N95 masks in the United States. In Europe, there is a specific protocol followed in making sure that the supply of the FFP2 masks will not dwindle down.

  • FFPs are reserves for use in airborne-generating procedures (AGPs);  
  • Medical face masks are required to be used if the supply of FFPs is limited. For most of the patient contacts that are not involved in procedures that can lead to the production of aerosols, the use of medical face masks is the only thing that the staff should worry about; and
  • There should be one set of staff designated and assigned to particular activities. The staff are expected to use the same FFP during the shift performing the same activity and are required to change if the masks are contaminated only at the end of every shift.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is strict in letting people wear the N95 mask alternative. Given that there are a lot of people who need protection against the virus, that level of strictness is no longer just a response but is actually considered as the norm. The fight is not yet over, it is important for many people to know that. Keep in mind that N95 masks will always be a good standard for masks but in Europe any FFP2 or above will be enough to fight off the virus.

The Best Thing About Competition

The N95 mask is definitely a competitor in the global market. It is definitely one of the best kinds of personal protective equipment that an individual should have at home. Whether that individual lives in the United States or that individual lives in Europe or an Asian country, it is important that people would look at and know that we are protected by it. The best thing about competition is that manufacturers are forced to provide better products that will provide better protection. While the world is scrambling to fight off the virus, manufacturers are being forced to look at possible adjustments and changes in the design and functionality of their protection to make their product better than the competition. It is the best time to become a manufacturer of personal protective equipment like N95 masks. Therefore, it is also the best time for a manufacturer to step up and make itself known.

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