What role will N95 respirators play in a post-vaccine world?

Over 5.15 M people across the United States have tested positive for the COVID 19 virus. The US is a first world country so the supply of disposable PPE and N95 respirator is abundant. However, stopping the spread of the pandemic will need a collective effort. An N95 respirator or mask has been the standard gear of surgical and medical staff. But, with this current airborne pandemic, N95 respirator can mean life and death.

The N95 respirator is ninety-five percent effective in filtering droplets and viruses and is approved by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the FDA. What makes the N95 respirator more conducive compared to surgical masks is due to its material and fitting.

Manufactured with nonwoven polypropylene fabric, an N95 respirator works best when worn properly. It must snugly fit the person’s face with a tight seal around the edges. The N95 respirator should also bear a seal of authenticity to assure the quality of the mask. People should be careful when they buy online or shop for N95 masks that are for sale. The purchased N95 mask must come from a legitimate company.

Now hypothetically, if the COVID 19 pandemic would end and a vaccine would be developed, should people just throw their N95 respirator away? Wouldn’t they become obsolete when the virus is unable to infect new hosts? Well, the experts say otherwise and have some insights on the continuous use of the N95 respirator.

Benefits of Wearing the N95 Respirator

Picturing a post-pandemic world can be difficult for some. But, the future is not that bleak and there is a light waiting at the end of the tunnel. With over 23 companies working on a vaccine and three vaccines in the final testing phase, a cure is well on the way. Fast forward to a year, with a vaccine already created, the question is “Should people still wear a disposable face mask or buy an N95 respirator?”

The answer is yes. According to the post-pandemic protocols created by the World Health Organization (WHO), even with a developed cure, standard precautions should still be observed. A  NIOSH-approved N95 respirator should still be produced to accommodate the increase of demand.

A post-pandemic society will have a family with kids still wearing masks or an N95 respirator when going out. Even though they have been vaccinated, an N95 respirator will help in maximizing their safety. Early vaccines may not offer full protection to stronger strains of the virus. Putting on an N95 respirator will minimize the cases of virus mutations.

The purpose of a face mask or N95 respirator is to block harmful viruses from getting in and getting out of a patient. Compared to an ordinary disposable mask whose purpose is to keep the virus in, an N95 respirator is the best option to avoid infection.

Purchasing the best protection should always be a priority during these troubled times. In the field of mask production, 3M ranks first in the market. Their 3M N95 respirator brand is commonly used in dental offices and hospitals due to its lightweight design. It also features a nose clip and adjustable straps. This N95 respirator maximizes comfort without sacrificing quality and protection.

N95 Respirator Supply and Demand

Recent data from WHO had shown that over fifty countries have mandated the compulsory wearing of an N95 respirator and mask. In a post-pandemic world, those rules would still be regulated. With the ever-increasing demand of hospitals and doctors for the N95 respirator, experts advise people to wear disposable masks instead. These masks should be paired with plastic face shields to increase protection.

However, when a family has a critical patient or elderly relative, an N95 respirator should be worn. But, where will people be able to buy such sought out equipment? Clinical Supplies USA is ready to help families who require vital protection. Their website has an N95 respirator in stock from trusted companies. For a price of $37.95, you can have a set of medical-grade N95 respirators.

Currently, the WHO predicts that 89 million N95 respirator masks should be provided globally every month. This number is to cater to all the doctors and nurses in hospitals. But, people should not worry about the N95 respirator deficit. Factories and companies worldwide have increased their N95 respirator, face shields, and goggles production twelve-fold to cater to this high demand.

Conserving N95 Respirator

The need for a medical-grade N95 respirator and mask is undeniably skyrocketing. With this pandemic still in the midst, people need to protect themselves from this invisible enemy. Based on laboratory experiments, wearing a mask or N95 respirator is the best way to protect oneself from contracting the COVID 19 virus.

The factors that were tested were the constant washing of hands, avoiding the touching of the face, wearing a face shield, social distancing, and wearing an N95 respirator or mask. Of all the individual steps of prevention, in the results of their simulation, putting on an N95 respirator offered the highest protection rate.

With jobs being suspended and companies being closed down, the economic recession is inevitable. But, whatever the case, protection should be a priority.  As mentioned earlier, even in a post-pandemic society, an N95 respirator is still crucial for survival. Now the question becomes, how is an N95 respirator reused?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released guidelines to clean the N95 respirator. Once used, the N95 respirator should be stored in a paper bag for five days to weaken the virus. After that, you can apply some disinfectant and the N95 respirator is ready for reuse.

Another step to reuse the N95 respirator is exposing it to hospital UV rays. Utilizing dry heat is also encouraged on the N95 respirator disinfection since the virus dies at 70°C in thirty minutes. But, on original protocol, an N95 respirator should only be used once.

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