What Rolling Stone has said about N95 masks?

N95 respirators are being discussed everywhere nowadays. The reason is that N95 respirators are the only safety gear we have against the coronavirus. N95 respirators are used widely because of many advantages. N95 respirators are used by doctors to combat the coronavirus. Also, the public is using N95 respirators too. The reason for its use by the public is obvious that they want to protect themselves. 

Many magazines and newspapers have stated that people should avoid using N95 respirators and surgical masks as it is only for medical use. N95 respirators should only be used by people that are highly at risk. People entering the corona ward or people in hospitals. People should use N95 respirators only when it is necessary.

Many magazines have covered the crucial and sensitive topic of personal protective equipment and N95 respirators. This topic is covered by many newspapers and blogs too. The main reason for this discussion is, people are interested to know more about it. 

Recently, when the world had personal protective equipment and an N95 shortage, the people were curious to know why it is this important. 

Why N95 respirators are discussed?

N95 respirators are discussed by every person nowadays. The reason is that it is the only protective gear against deadly viruses. It can protect one from inhaling hazardous airborne particles. It is also discussed more than usual because it has been out of stock lately. Doctors and medical staff were risking their lives. This is why it’s importance has increased. 

Also, many magazines and politicians have discussed it and recommended people to use it. All this recommendation by big names has given birth to this much discussion and usage of N95 respirators. N95 respirators have also served as a lifesaver during the coronavirus times.

Magazines and N95 respirators:

Magazines as available widely in monthly as well as weekly editions. These magazines are published to make lives easier. People want to know about every side of life. People want to hear about what is trending. In general, magazines are a source of entertainment as well as knowledge.  

Few magazines are made to show lifestyles, food, and other things. When it comes to global trauma, every magazine influences its audience to spread awareness.

Magazines played a huge role n the recent pandemic. They were the reason people got this much awareness about the virus. Because of these magazines and blogs, people got to know the safety measures and other protective stuff.

The Rolling Stones:

Rolling stone is an American magazine. This magazine covers every part of life. People love to read it. It was founded in California. This is a monthly magazine. This magazine has started many important points about the N95 respirators and surgical masks. 

The reason was to make their audience about the coronavirus. The reason was to stop the use of N95 respirators and surgical masks by the general public. The magazine also promoted the use of homemade masks and respirators.

Where to buy?

Rolling stone has provided links to many personal protective selling sites. Many of them are sites for the N95 respirator. N95 respirators have different sizes and types. These models have many differences but what is common is the filter. Every N95 respirator has a filter that can purify 95% of airborne particles. 

The models differ in sizes and shapes. The N95 respirators are found in many sizes. All of these sizes are for adults. The Rolling Stones have sold many N95 respirators from their online site. This helped many people buy it. Other websites had a lot of traffic back then.

Food and Drug Administration has approved N95 respirators:

The main highlights of many of its articles were that these respirators are FDA approved. Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America is responsible to keep an eye on every product manufactured related to health. These products include cosmetics, medicines, and protective equipment. 

The Food and Drug Administration has approved almost every model of N95 respirator which is a huge accomplishment by any product. The Rolling Stones have made it clear that N95 respirator models approved by the FDA are the safest. They have a perfect shape, size, and filter. 

Rolling Stones recommended its audience to wear N95 respirators only when necessary. They have also emphasized the importance of N95 respirators. Their articles have a great impact.

Difference between N95 and KN95 respirators:

During the N95 respirator shortage, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Administration allowed China to export N95 respirators to the United Nations and other parts of the world.

This allowance led to many controversies. People believed that these respirators are only approved to overcome the shortage and are not safe enough. Even NIOSH canceled the approval after the United States overcame the shortage. 

The Rolling Stones published articles focusing on why N95 respirators are better than KN95 respirators. The Chinese manufactured N95 respirators are called KN95. This differentiation post made the position of the KN95 clear to the residents of the United States. After such articles, people started to trust KN95. 


N95 respirators are used by every person in the world at some point in life. People use N95 respirators for its benefits and extra comforting features. These features make N95 respirators standout. These points were discussed in the Rolling Stones magazine. They reached out to their audience and told them about N95 respirators.

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