What size particles do surgical masks block out?

Surgical masks have long gained popularity since previous pandemics. N95 masks, N95 respirators, surgical masks, and personal protective equipment are all already introduced to the world through scientific and medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, ER, and Chicago Med. You already probably know a thing or two about surgical masks and why it matters to have them. 

In this article, let's talk about if you can see surgical masks and the kind of protection that they offer the individual who trusts them. 

The Efficacy of Surgical Masks

Bodies have shown that surgical masks are around 80% to 90% effective in filtering out germs, bacteria, and viruses in the air. There are so many ways for individuals to take care of themselves and the use of surgical masks in one of them.

Unlike the N95 masks that filter out up to 0.1 micron size particles, surgical masks filter out around bigger micron particles but that is not always the case.

It is necessary to make sure that you have the kind of information that you need about the use of surgical masks and the best way to do so is to know how to properly use them. To aid your use of surgical masks, the following are the different ways to use them:

Handle Them With Clean Hands.

when you are wearing your surgical mask, make sure that you handle them with clean hands and that you know what you are doing in terms of the kind of protection that you need from them. It can easily be frustrating to have to wash your hands always to use alcohol and all of the other kinds of sanitary agents just so you can handle your surgical mask or just so you can adjust them but this is no longer a thing that should be part of it. You already know that you need protection from the virus and the best way to have that kind of protection is the property and follow all of the help and for that for you. 

Make Sure That They Fit

Make sure that the surgical mask that you wear acts with you when you need it to. Make the necessary adjustments and check out the nose seal that is required of you. Make sure that your mask would fit you properly and you should have no problem at all.

Use More Layers.

You should also make sure that you use Marley years. When you use more liters of surgical mask you are not just protecting yourself but you are also protecting your surrounding environment which is what matters putting one surgical mask on top of the other may be good if you have that high knees and high demand for a kind of high protection that should have been given to you by the N95 respirator.

Where Can I Buy The Right Surgical Mask?

With the kind of need that individuals currently have with surgical masks, the supply is often hard to find and it is even harder to find the supplies that actually work based on the needs of the individual. In this case, it is important to find places that you can trust to supply you with your personal protective equipment needs specifically with a surgical mask, bodysuits, gloves, and even hand sanitizers that are not hard to find on groceries and supermarkets.

With that, the following are the places that you can visit online for you to buy the right surgical masks.

Clinical Supplies USA

Clinical Supplies USA Has already proven itself to be a top source of protection that individuals could have against the coronavirus. There are already a lot of sources that say that this is probably one of the most trustworthy websites outside of the big platforms that actually deliver the products that he promised to deliver and that their products are legitimate and authentic. They also offer different kinds of bundles and surgical packs that would allow the individual to have a different kind of protection depending on his knees and on where he's going.


Of course, if you want anything, you know that you can find them on Amazon. Amazon has been the source of protection and the source of many other things that individuals would want to have. Amazon has proven itself to be one of those flyers that provide protection and that you know what individuals want and need. They have free shipping, promotions, and different sellers that offer products on their platforms and that may easily be trusted by individuals.


3M is another source of surgical masks that you can certainly trust. If you buy directly from the source, there will be no need for you to go out and do something to check in the legitimacy of the products because the products are surely legitimate and authentic.

Protect Yourself and Use Surgical Masks

You should keep in mind that you are responsible for your own protection and your weed. There are a lot of ways for you to protect yourself from the virus and there are a lot of ways for you to have that kind of protection that you need at this point in time. When you buy a new use of the right kind of surgical masks, you are one step forward into the protection that is necessary. 

While there may be people who question the wearing of mass and the whole protocols that have been set by the local governments, you should not forget that the protocols in the guidelines have been set for your protection and not just for the protection of the government.

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