What Surgical Masks Are CDC Approved?

Surgical masks have long been used. Since the beginning of their use, surgical masks are meant for use of individuals who need to protect themselves from a virus.

With that, this article aims to provide information on the surgical masks that have been approved by the CDC and information you may want to know about surgical masks.

The History Of Surgical Masks

Surgical masks have long been used. It has gone through a rich history of covering the nose and mouth. It is part of the traditional sanitary practices against contagious diseases in early modern Europe. The main goal back then was neutralising the so-called miasma in the air. 

It was in the year 1867 that a British Surgeon Joseph Lister had already postulated that when a wound disease that was caused by the germs of the microscopically small living entities that Louis Pasteur had recently described. This was a long process where individuals have been studying for their protection.

It was only when Johann Mikulicz, the head of the surgery department of the University of Breslau, which is now Wroclaw, Poland, started working with the local bacteriologist Carl Flügge, that a more direct finding was found. 

Johann Mikulicz then started to wear a face mask in 1897. The initial look of the surgical mask was “a piece of gauze tied by two strings to the cap, and sweeping across the face so as to cover the nose and mouth and beard”.

In Paris, another surgeon Paul Berger also began wearing a mask in the operating room the same year. There was also a study of more than 1000 photographs of surgeons in operating rooms in US and European hospitals between 1863 and 1969 indicated that by 1923 over two-thirds of them wore masks and by 1935 most of them were using masks. This was particularly necessary for individual healthcare experts especially during the Manchurian plague of 1910 to 1911 and the influenza pandemic of 1918 to 1919.

Today, the surgical masks that are known among individuals are usually made of several layers of cotton gauze. There are sometimes an additional layer of impervious material and they are held by a metal frame. Most masks today are also washable and the metal parts could be sterilised.

Surgical Masks Today

Surgical masks today are loose fitting and disposable. They are regulated under 21 CFR 878.4040. They have the following characteristics:

  • Surgical masks are not meant to be shared and may be labeled as surgical, isolation, dental, or medical procedure masks;
  • Surgical masks may come with or without a face shield;
  • Surgical masks are made in different levels of thickness and with different ability to protect you from contact with liquids; and
  • Surgical masks are meant to help block large-particle droplets.

CDC approved Surgical Masks

There are different surgical masks that have been approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The following are two of the top surgical masks approved by the CDC:

Level 3 Surgical Masks 

According to a supplier website, Clinical Supplies USA, level 3 surgical masks have been in direct compliance with the FDA ASTM Level 3 requirements. They have been designed to provide splash resistance in surgical environments. They promote the health and protection of individuals as well. 

The masks are made in Corinth, Mississippi by Premier Guard USA. The end user is definitely sure that the product is American made and is locally sourced. The mask is also made of elastic ear loops that do not contain natural rubber latex and some three ply Polypropylene Material.

The materials come in the dimension of 17.5 cm x 9.5 cm. Every single mask is made of blue material, a non-sterile environment, and it can also be used for surgical use. The nose strip is made of polyethylene laminated double sided 24-gauge soft annealed carbon steel wire tie that makes it one of the best that you can find online.

Medline Tie-Up Surgical Mask 

There is also the Medline Tie-Up Surgical Mask. The Medline Tie-Up Surgical Mask is lightweight and is highly breathable. The mask has been engineered to provide protection. It also aims to promote the feeling for the individual to be comfortable and cool while being used for extended periods. 

The tie-up straps also ensure that the masks are suitable for most face sizes as the straps can be adjusted accordingly. This allows for optimal comfort in any situation, fitting with the surgical nature of the masks. 

Medline surgical masks are made of  polypropylene outer facing and a cellulose inner facing which makes it one of the most comfortable. The inner facing material provides a comfortable and breathable experience for the end user. People will definitely enjoy this more since it is high quality and breathable. The surgical settings are also usable for an extended period of time so you can wear it for a long time without pain. 

Do Your Best

Surgical masks are meant to protect the wearer. They are meant to be used for comfort and style. You can always put focus on surgical masks, N95 masks, and all other personal protective equipment. It is necessary for you to always remember that you need to protect yourself from the virus and everything that could hurt you. Use surgical masks properly and protect yourself from the virus. You are responsible for your own needs and protection. 

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