What the election will mean for N95 mask production and distribution?

The presidential elections are held every four years in the United States. The presidential election is between the Democratic Party nominee, Joe Biden, and the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who is a Republican candidate. The person who gets more electoral votes will be victorious in the presidential election. If one of them scores 270 electoral votes, he will win. Currently, Joe Biden has a lead on Donald Trump when it comes to electoral votes; he has gained 264 electoral votes while Donald Trump is on 214.

Both of these candidates have played a different role during the pandemic and when it began. The Democratic Party nominee, Joe Biden has been serious about COVID-19 and has urged the citizens to wear N95 respirators and maintain social distance to deal with this lethal pandemic, which is COVID-19.

But on the other hand, the president of the United States has been non-serious about this pandemic and downplayed the severity of this virus countless times. When the pandemic began, Donald Trump stated that COVID-19 is similar to normal flu, and it ought to be treated the way an individual treats normal flu. 

Hence, Donald Trump would not take the virus seriously. He could have taken the necessary precautionary measures, and he could have warned the nation of the severity of this lethal pandemic. The Trump administration would not order N95 respirators in ample proportions for COVID-19 as they downplayed the fatality of the coronavirus. 

As a result of the non-seriousness shown by the citizens of the United States and Donald Trump, the citizens of the U.S. continued to carry out their daily activities and resumed hanging out with their friends or their near and dear ones. Although COVID-19 was spreading across various countries around the world like Iran, Italy, and France, the president of the United States would not take action against it.

Because of this non-seriousness, COVID-19 hit the United States hard. As of November 2020, there are around 9.5 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States, and the death toll has surged to 235000 people. Around 100,000 Americans are being tested positive for COVID-19 every day, and thousands of people are losing their lives because of COVID-19. 

Therefore, Donald Trump has been non-serious about COVID-19, and Joe Biden has been serious about it. During Joe Biden’s campaigns, he has said numerous things related to N95 respirators. He says things like masks matter, by which he meant that N95 respirators are crucial, and they ought to be used during such catastrophic times.

Joe Biden has been seen wearing N95 respirators during his presidential campaigns around various states of the U.S. while Donald Trump has not been seen doing that. On the contrary, Donald Trump has not been seen wearing N95 respirators anywhere. By watching Donald Trump not using N95 respirators, his foolish supporters also downplayed the severity of COVID-19 and came to Donald Trump’s campaigns without wearing N95 respirators.

This also resulted in a surge in COVID-19 cases. The presidential election has been conducted on 9th November, but the votes are still being counted. It has been predicted that Joe Biden will win the presidency since he has got more electoral votes than Donald Trump at the moment. However, Donald Trump is unpredictable, and you never know what happens. 

Therefore, it is hard to say who will win the presidential elections at the moment, but we have understood what either of them would do for N95 respirators by analyzing their previous actions. It is easy to assume that if Donald Trump wins the presidential election, he would not care much about N95 respirators.

He would continue downplaying the severity of this lethal virus while Americans would die. All of this would have never happened if the Trump administration had been somewhat serious about it. All of these lives would have never become collateral damage if the Trump administration had been swift in manufacturing ample proportions of N95 respirators before the pandemic hit.

While this is what Trump would do what he has done in the past during this pandemic, Joe Biden has made a plan to get rid of this lethal pandemic once and for all. Biden proposed a plan that if he won the elections, this is what he would do to tackle COVID-19:

He would increase the production of N95 respirators, face shields, and other important Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers and the public to keep them safe. He would invest 25 billion U.S. dollars (25B $) into the production of vaccines for COVID-19, and the vaccine would be free for everyone in the United States. 

He would invest money to increase the testing, and hundreds of thousands of people would be tested in a day. He would make a law to wear N95 respirators during COVID-19 to suppress the spread of this lethal pandemic. Wearing N95 respirators would be encouraged among everyone to promote a healthy environment. He would protect the vulnerable population of the United States, like the old people who cannot combat this fatal pandemic because of their bad health. 


While this is what Joe Biden has planned, Donald Trump has not planned anything, and he continued to downplay the severity of coronavirus on several occasions before the presidential election. By analyzing the above scenario and situation, it is easy to comprehend that Joe Biden would play a more crucial role to lessen the negative impacts of COVID-19 by encouraging using N95 respirators and several other precautionary measures to mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19.

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