Where are surgical masks manufactured?

How are surgical masks manufactured?

Surgical face masks are manufactured from non-woven fabric which, while being less slick than woven material, has greater filtration of bacteria, viruses, and air permeability. Polypropylene, 20 to 25 grams per square meter (gsm) in diameter, is the material most commonly used to make them. Masks of polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyester may also be made.

In a spun-bond process, which involves the extrusion of the molten plastic onto the conveyor, the 20 gsm mask material is made. In a chain in which the strands connect with each other as they cool, the material is extruded.

Melt blown manufacturing, which is a typical method in which plastic is extruded through a die with hundreds of small nozzles and blown to form small fibers by hot air, cooling and binding to a conveyor again produces 25 gsm of fabric.

A multi-layer structure is made of surgical masks, usually by covering the cloth sheet with a non-woven sealed fabric on both sides. Non-woven, which due to their lightweight design are easier to manufacture and safer, are made of three to four layers. Two filter layers are often made of such disposable masks and are effective for removing particles such as bacteria over 1 micron.

The scale of the mask's filtration relies on the fiber, the way it is made, the configuration of the network, and the cross-sectional shape of the fiber. Masks are manufactured on a line of machinery that assembles bobbin nonwovens, layers of ultrasonic welds together, and masks with nose strings, ear clips, and other bits are stamped.

Respirators also consist of several layers. Sturdy nonwoven fabric with a density of between 20 and 50 g/m2 is the exterior coating on both sides to create a barrier against both the outside environment and the wearer's own exhalations on the inside.

A pre-filtration layer that can be as thick as 250 g/m2 can follow. This is traditionally a needled nonwoven developed by the hot calendar, in which plastic fibers are thermally bonded by running them through heated rolls with high pressure.

To form the desired shape and retain it as the mask is used; this makes the pre-filtration layer thicker and stiffer. The last layer is a nonwoven material with a high-performance melt-blown electret, which defines the efficiency of filtration.

Does any manufacture make surgical masks?

It's indeed conceivable to become a mask manufacturer for a generic producer, such as a clothing factory, but there are several obstacles to address. It is also not an instantaneous operation, since several bodies and associations must approve goods.


The FDA must endorse surgical masks, which may be a long process under pre-pandemic conditions, especially for a first-time company that hasn't gone through the process before.

The FDA, however, has recently relaxed rules to allow some businesses to obtain surgical mask emergency use appropriations. It is also ready to work with producers that pivot from other commodities.

Competition of companies: 

Smaller firms in this field have been absorbed and merged into larger firms like Honeywell over the past decade or so. Surgical masks and respirators are highly specialized items that can be produced more efficiently by larger companies with expertise in this field.

Larger businesses will also make them cheaper, partially because of this convenience, and thus sell goods at a lower price. In addition, proprietary formulations are also polymers used in making masks.

Knowing the product standard and demand:  

Manufacturing companies ought to consider the testing that a product is going to go through; so that they can obtain reliable outcomes to ensure that the end consumer is safe.

For a protection product maker, the worst-case scenario is a recall because it damages their image. It can be hard to attract PPE clients as they prefer to stick to established products, especially when it could literally mean that their lives are on the ground.

Surgical masks manufacturing places or companies


3M United States makers also makes various kinds of masks and supply them throughout the country and beyond. 3M works with health insurance, security of the workplace, and products for consumer goods.

3M who claim to become one of the leading suppliers of N95 and surgical masks in the United States and are working hard to increase their manufacturing capacity each day to meet the growing demands for safety gear. Surgical masks suppliers for the whole world.

Moldex-Metric, Inc.

When it comes to the manufacturing of healthcare and medical devices and supplies, Moldex-Metric, Inc. is a trustworthy resource. They have their headquarters in the California town of Culver City.

Along with surgical masks, N95 masks face guards, and much more, with respirators, they also have flat foldable masks. With their primary markets in the United States and Germany, they supply goods to many nations around the world.


The best surgical mask manufacturer and retailer in the USA is Honeywell. It is headquartered and sells its products nationally in Santa Ana, California. The products that they produce include respirators, mask filters, cartridges, oxygen masks, etc. 

Honeywell has been working hard to support the government in his fight against the coronavirus. They always promised to take care of their workers' needs and wellbeing and their production facility's image.


BD appears to be another leading medical equipment manufacturer based in New Jersey in the USA. This organization offers protective equipment and also contributes to the study of coronavirus and the prevention of its spread. Their equipment is powerful and highly relevant in order to tackle the current crisis.

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