Where can I purchase N95 respirators for sale?

N95 masks are in trend. They are in trend not just because of the fact that they provide protection for every individual but also because they are indeed reliable. Before making a purchase, you need to get to know the N95 masks and what can be considered as one of the best things that has ever happened to respiratory protection.

What Is An N95 Mask?

Basically, an N95 mask is a piece of respiratory protection that you need to have. It is important for many individuals to know that an N95 mask is the perfect layer of protection that captures 95 percent of bacteria and any other disease-causing microparticles. 

It is necessary that the user gets a properly-fitted N95 respirator in order to achieve the great protection that the N95 mask has to offer. It is NIOSH approved and the wearer must inform himself of the requirements necessary of him when using the N95 mask such as proper sanitation and follow the safety protocols.

Where Can I Purchase N95 Respirators?

Due to the most recent shortage of N95 masks, some people have had a hard time trying to purchase one. For a long time, the most common stores decided to close down individual purchases and focus mainly on supplying for the government and for hospitals.

If you are looking for N95 masks, you can find them in the following areas:

Amazon Online

Amazon is one of the main suppliers of the N95 masks. Since they have various sellers coming in from different parts of the country, Amazon has been known to make sure that they will find the right kind of supplier. When buying on Amazon, or any online platform, you should keep in mind that the best thing to do is to always check the legitimacy of the shop as well as the reviews. There are still some counterfeit sellers that take great advantage of the world’s need for N95 masks.

Amazon is one of those sellers that recently closed off selling to individuals. However, as of writing, Amazon has once again opened their sales towards individual purchases. There is still a limit as to the quantity that an individual can purchase directly on Amazon but it helps that they are now back on retail.


You can also directly go for purchasing directly from the supplier. 3M can help you on this front. As the main manufacturer of legitimate N95 masks, 3M ensures that you will have the best experience not just in terms of their product but also in terms of your buyer experience. You can buy in bulk or contact them directly to make your purchase. 


CVS is also one of those stores that have begun selling N95 masks long before the pandemic. It is not then surprising that they are also still selling N95 masks. They are focused on retail sales so if you want to, make sure that you will have only what you need when you make the purchase.

How Do I Spot A Fake N95 Mask?

Since the market is currently filled with a lot of demand, there are scrupulous individuals who would push on selling you a supply. However, NIOSH is already aware that there are a lot of counterfeit N95 respirators in the market. If you are looking at a lot of sellers and you want to know if they have a legitimate N95 mask, you should check out the following details:

  • Keep in mind that NIOSH-approved respirators always have an approval label. 
  • If you are still unsure about the quality and the origin of your N95 respirator, you should also check and verify the approval number on the NIOSH Certified Equipment List (CEL) or the NIOSH Trusted-Source. 

Legit Check

If you want to check the legitimacy of your N95 mask, you should keep in mind that the following are some of the signs that you should look out for:

  • When there are no markings at all on the respirator, you can be certain that they are counterfeit. Keep in mind that most of the things that are certified and that comply with regulatory requirements, would state that they are under regulation. NIOSH is very specific when it comes to regulations on N95 masks.
  • When there is no approval number on the headband or on the respirator itself,  you may be holding a counterfeit.
  • When the word NIOSH is spelled incorrectly, you may want to do a counterfeit check.
  • When the seller claims that it is approved for children, it is definitely not because NIOSH does not release approvals on any type of respiratory protection.
  • Ear loops are also a big sign of a counterfeit N95 mask.

Make Sure That You Purchase From A Reputable Seller

Keep in mind that when buying anything, a reputable seller should help you out. Make sure that you purchase only from a reputable seller like Amazon and check for the reviews and what others have to say about them. You can never go wrong with an N95 mask that also came directly from the manufacturer and that is something that you should always strive to have. 

If you cannot purchase an N95 mask from any of the suppliers, keep in mind that you may use some cloth masks or surgical masks. As long as you provide respiratory protection on your mouth and nose, you should be able to hold off until N95 masks are back in stock.

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