Where does 3M manufacture their N95 masks?

N95 respirators

N95 respirator has become one of the most popular products of 2020. It has primarily become prominent because of the novel coronavirus. The N95 respirator aims to protect the body of the N95 respirator user by sheltering it from solid particulates. These particulates intend to harm the body of the wearer by inflicting damage to it. There are various reasons to wear N95 respirators. One of the main reasons is to wear the N95 respirator for safety from endangering particulate matter. 

The N95 respirator rose to popularity when the coronavirus broke out. Millions of people purchased them and amassed them to prevent them from running out of them. All of this led to the dearth of N95 respirators, and this is why several companies have been striving to manufacture as many N95 respirators for the public of the United States as possible. The N95 respirator blocks more than ninety-five percent of the particulates that come in its way. It filters out particles that have a size of 0.3 microns. 

That is one of the reasons why the N95 respirators have become so preferable among frontline healthcare workers. All of the people around the United States had commenced utilizing, and that is one of the reasons for the shortage. 3M, Kimberly-Clark, Prestige Ameritech, Honeywell, Owens & Minors, and Makrite. All of these brands have been helpful in the production of N95 respirators, but 3M is the one that has assisted the United States the most. 


When it comes to aiding frontline healthcare professionals and people of the United States, no brand has done that as much as the N95 respirator. 3M has assisted the healthcare providers by selling different types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to them. PPE is equipment that conceals the wearer’s body and protects it from solid particulates that intend to harm the body of the wearer. PPE includes N95 respirators, medical face masks, medical gloves, medical gowns, disinfectants, face shields, hand sanitizers, eye protection, foot protection, and a multitude types of other products. 

Various industries have benefited from the products that have been manufactured by 3M. Thirty-two billion dollars was the total net worth of 3M in the year 2019. That shows the immense growth of the brand. In addition to the revenue, 3M has made more than one billion dollars by selling N95 respirators in 2020 alone. These are huge numbers for a company that produces different types of products for its customers. That is how 3M has become one of the most substantial manufacturers of the N95 respirator. 

Another reason for its success is the quality of its N95 respirators. The quality of their N95 respirators is remarkable—which is one of the biggest reasons for the success of this brand. 3M has invested millions of dollars in the production of N95 respirators. 3M has been working excessively to meet the requirements of the customers by producing millions of N95 respirators. When the pandemic began, 3M was producing thirty to forty million N95 respirators to deal with the pandemic.

However, the requirement of the N95 respirator has grown more than ever. Therefore, 3M has been compelled to ramp up the production of N95 respirators to more than ninety million for the upcoming months; this is because of the growing number of novel coronavirus cases in the United States. More than two hundred thousand people are being infected per day from COVID-19, and tens of thousands of them are dying because of it. Hence, the larger the number of COVID-19 cases, the more is the demand for N95 respirators. 

Because of a large number of COVID-19 cases, the demand for N95 respirators has drastically increased. That is why 3M had to increase the production of N95 respirators to assist the people of the United States. Because of the growing demand for N95 respirators, several other companies are working as well, but they are not manufacturing and producing as many N95 respirators as 3M is. That is why 3M has become one of the most gigantic producers of N95 respirators in the United States. 

3M’s manufacturing sites of N95 respirators 

There are numerous manufacturing sites in the United States. Some states have more manufacturing sites than others. Minnesota is one of the states that have the most number of manufacturing sites in the U.S. The total number of manufacturing plants are five in Minnesota. Wisconsin and California are one of the states that have four manufacturing plants. Manufacturing sites or manufacturing plants are places where products are produced or manufactured. 

Since we are talking about N95 respirators here, the N95 respirators are manufactured in various manufacturing plants in these states. Missouri, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Delaware, South Dakota, Illinois, Alabama, Texas, Nebraska, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina. All of these states have manufacturing plants or sites of 3M. These are the places where 3M produces N95 respirators, surgical masks, face shields, eye protection, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers, etc. 

Because of the addition of new equipment by 3M, it will be plausible for them to produce N95 respirators for the people of the United States. In all of these manufacturing sites, hundreds of people work excessively to fulfill the demands for N95 respirators and other essential medical gear. The medical gear assists in keeping the frontline healthcare workers—that have been working excessively—safe. All of this has been done to assist the people of the United States in tackling the novel coronavirus. 

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