Where N95 masks are most needed in the US right now

The pandemic is still on a roll of testing the efficiency of worldwide healthcare systems. Global cases continue to expand and rise each day. Mask mandates are slowly being adopted by most countries. However, not all masks are created the same. Masks like the N95 mask are the ones to trust.

The global demand for the N95 mask increased since the pandemic started. Companies like 3M had been doubling their efforts to meet global demands. And now that the United States has replaced China for having the most number of cases in the entire world, the need for an N95 mask has increased too.

In the Covid Tracker generated by the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC), the current positive cases in the United States are now at a whopping 10 million with total deaths amounting to over 200,000. Illinois bested the other 50 states with a total of 64, 448 cases in the last 7 days. With these digits, more pieces of the N95 mask are needed.

But why the N95 mask?

Not all masks are created equally. Some masks provide only insufficient protection while masks like the N95 mask are created to provide premium protection. For starters, an N95 mask is a protective mask regulated by the National Institute in Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) in the United States of America. The N95 mask is proven to filter up to 95% of airborne particles like dust, smoke, and fluids like spit and blood. The N95 mask is different from the regular disposable surgical face masks. A surgical face mask is loose-fitting than the N95 mask, which is capable of creating a tight seal. It means the possibility of leakage and bacterial contamination is higher than that of the N95 mask. 

What makes the N95 mask important?

With the pandemic, the N95 mask is a proven tool of protection. With its ability to filter a high percentage of particles, wearing an N95 mask guarantees safety. The N95 mask is a part of the triad of safety that medical personnel follows along with the face shield and the bodysuit. It is important for people to know the protection they are getting with the mask they are wearing.

With the given ability and importance, the N95 mask is the most recommended mask by the health care experts. The N95 mask is a protective mask that is breathable at the same time. Unlike its variants like the N99 and N100, the N95 mask is more breathable. Despite the given benefits of the N95 mask, the mask is experiencing scarcity. This is due to the overwhelming demand for the mask.

Being the country with the most number of positive cases to date, essential sectors in the United States need more of the N95 mask.


Hospitals are in need of more supplies of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), especially the N95 mask. Nurses, Doctors, and other medical personnel need a lot of stocks of the N95 mask. In fact, US hospitals use up to a million pieces of the N95 mask on a daily basis. This makes hospitals the topmost sector that needs the N95 mask even more.

Hospitals must be prioritized given that a lot of medical workers are getting in contact with the virus due to the shortage of the N95 mask supply. Not only doctors and nurses, other workers like medical technologists, surgeons, and radiologists need the N95 mask too. Strengthening the protection of hospitals would mean a fortified healthcare system along with an effective strategy to maneuver the cases.


Stores too felt the scarcity of the N95 mask.  Stores like pharmacies and online stores experience the effects of the N95 mask scarcity. These stores need to be supplied with restocks of the N95 mask so that people can also avail of the protection that the mask is offering. Online stores must also be strengthened in terms of supply since the e-commerce activity increased at an overwhelming rate due to its convenience. Without any supply for the vaccine, going outside to buy an N95 mask is still dangerous.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies need the N95 mask as well since they are one of the sectors that provide solutions such as creating vaccines. The N95 mask is useful since they are dealing with coronavirus samples to create a vaccine out of it. People working in the laboratories of these companies need the N95 mask for them to be protected and alleviate the risk of being contaminated.

Government sector

Government officials also need the N95 mask. Being the most accountable people in this pandemic, the government officials must stay healthy to provide more efficient service to their people. The N95 mask can give them the protection that they need so that they can further serve their people. Government officials also work in the frontlines; maybe not as rigorous as the healthcare workers. Officials from the Health Sector and the Executive sector are the ones doing the decision making on behalf of their people. Therefore, the need for an N95 mask is a necessity. 

Education Sector

Teachers need the N95 mask since some states have their schools operated earlier this year. Teachers must be protected as well to provide learning to their students since learning should never be compromised. However, with the states declaring school reopening, teachers and students are at risk. Hence the need for an N95 mask is a must.

With the rising number of cases, this puts the N95 mask to be of utmost importance. People should learn that wearing masks like the N95 mask is better than no mask at all.

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