N95 respirator

The N95 respirator is the most important personal protective equipment which protects the wearer from inhaling airborne particles that could be detrimental to an individual’s health. These airborne particles include bacteria, mud, dirt, and infectious agents, etc. 

The N95 respirator is 95 percent efficient at filtering out the harmful airborne particles, and what makes other masks and respirators inferior to the N95 respirator is its ability to filter out 95 percent of harmful airborne particles that are tinier than 0.3μm. Such tiny particles are caused after a person sneezes. 

N95 masks available on the internet

There are several websites and places on the internet where an individual can purchase, as well as find N95 masks. Some of these websites are retail companies, and some of these websites are independent websites. Following are some places where an individual can purchase N95 masks:

Clinical Supplies USA

Clinical Supplies USA is one of the best places on the internet where individuals can buy N95 masks. There is always an abundance of N95 respirators at Clinical Supplies for purchase. The largest manufacturer of N95 respirators in the United States (USA) is 3M.

The N95 respirators that are being sold at Clinical Supplies are approved by NIOSH, which means the quality of such N95 respirators is exceptional. The mission of Clinical Supplies is to keep the people of the United States safe by selling them high-quality N95 masks. 3M 9205+ N95 respirator, 3M 8211 N95 mask, and 3M 8210 N95 respirator are the best selling N95 respirators of Clinical Supplies.

Some several masks and respirators are sold at Clinical Supplies. The quality of these respirators is exceptional. The N95 masks that are manufactured by Clinical Supplies do not irritate the user whatsoever. Moreover, it does not make it hard for the user to breathe. Hence, clinical supplies USA  is a reliable website or location to purchase high-quality N95 respirators.


Honeywell is an American multinational company that is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It operates in the fields of safety & productivity solutions, aerospace, and building technologies, etc. Honeywell also manufactures several products; these products include hand sanitizers, N95 masks, surgical masks, disinfectants, and plenty of other useful products as well.

The N95 mask has been considered the most effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the general public’s use by the higher health authorities and departments. This is because the N95 mask adequately prevents an individual from inhaling harmful airborne particles.

The N95 mask provides value for money, which means the N95 mask keeps an individual safe from contracting viral diseases like the influenza virus, COVID-19, and the swine flu, etc. Contracting such diseases could cause various health problems like an unhealthy immune system, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and heart diseases, etc. 


The list of the biggest manufacturers and places to find N95 respirators online also includes Makrite. Based in Taiwan, this company has manufactured a plethora of N95 respirators. There are various industries where this company’s products have been used; these industries include industrial, automotive, and medical industries all around the world. 

Disposable and non-disposable N95 respirators are also manufactured at Makrite. The highest quality of N95 respirators is also manufactured at Makrite. Makrite manufactures multiple types of masks like the N95 masks, surgical N95 masks, surgical N95 respirators, and a plethora of other masks as well.


Amazon is a retail company that sells different types of products; these products include furniture, beauty products, shirts, trousers, mobile covers, and certain N95 respirators as well. There are some N95 respirators available for purchase on Amazon, so it is also one of the few websites that sell N95 masks.


Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart is an American multinational corporation. It is a retail company that sells several products like fresh, meat and dairy products, health products, beauty products, and a couple of other products as well. 

There are several states around different parts of the United States where Walmart has several departmental stores. There are several masks and respirators at Walmart that are not approved by NIOSH. However, Walmart does have NIOSH approved N95 respirators as well. 


Walgreen is the 2nd largest pharmacy store chain in the United States. There are various fields where Walgreen operates; those fields include wellness products, filling prescriptions, and healthcare products. During the pandemic, Walgreens has started selling N95 respirators, surgical masks, and plenty of different types of masks as well. 


Costco is an American retail company that is based in Issaquah, Washington. It is a retail company, similar to Walmart that sells numerous products like furniture, jewelry, electronic products, PCs, and a plethora of other products as well. After Walmart, it is the second-largest retail company in the United States (USA).

There are several masks and respirators at Costco that are approved by NIOSH and whose qualities are high. Some masks are not approved by NIOSH at Costco, but there are N95 respirators and masks at Costco that have been approved by NIOSH.


So these were the places and websites on the internet where people can purchase N95 masks and respirators. While some of these websites may sell some masks that are not approved by NIOSH, all of these websites sell N95 respirators whose qualities are exceptional. Clinical Supplies is the most reputable place to buy N95 masks and respirators on the internet.

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