Where to find N95 masks in Ohio

The battle against the virulent coronavirus is still not over. While many countries had managed to curb the virus to some possible extent by imposing lockdown and maintaining social distancing for a long time, many parts of the world including Europe and Asia have begun to experience the second wave of this virus. In addition to this, many of the states in the US are now reporting higher than usual cases which have not happened since the initial days of the first wave. This indicates that the virus is resurging in the country and people need to once again start adhering to the SOPS and make sure that the curve everyone has worked so hard to flatten; stays that way.

During the first wave of the novel coronavirus, there was an extreme shortage in the supply of PPE, and acquiring a simple N95 mask or a surgical mask was equivalent to possessing a red diamond. After the cases began subsiding and the imposition of the Defense Production Act by the then president Trump, this shortage crisis of the PPE was alleviated to a major extent. However, now that the cases are again rising we are again seeing an increase in the demand for these products, and rightfully so. According to a survey, the high death toll that US citizens had to witness this year because of the virus could have been reduced to half. Only everyone understood the importance of wearing a mask.

There are various types of masks and while WHO recommends an average person to wear cloth masks only and leave the better masks—N95 and surgical masks for the healthcare staff, the N95 is the better and more reliable mask in comparison to any other. It is also recommended by NIOSH and approved by the CDC. An N95 respirator has been tried and tested to provide 95% protection against various airborne particulates that includes: fluids, droplets, smoke, viruses, and bacteria. Furthermore, the mask has also been particularly recommended for protection against COVID-19 due to its efficiency.

N95 masks have also been constantly compared to its competitor—the surgical mask, even though the objective of these two masks is quite the same, they have different characteristics and are made of different materials as well. In conclusion, the N95 is still the better mask as it has a tight seal fit that also does not allow any particulates to pass through the mask.

Coronavirus in Ohio

The resurgence of the virus is affecting many states including Florida, California, Wisconsin, and Ohio as well. As of November 11th, 76 deaths were reported while the count of positive cases reached an astounding figure of 5,874. According to the New York Times, there has been a 114 percent increase in the COVID-19 cases if compared to the data that was recorded two weeks prior. 

This data quite evidently sums up that the people of this state and other states as well need to abide by the SOPS and follow the instructions of wearing a mask. And since the N95 is the best mask to have but isn’t widely available at present due to several factors, here are some places where you may have a good chance of finding an N95 respirator:

1- Amazon

 Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce website and has every product a buyer may ask for. The website was especially very helpful during the lockdown as it provided a very convenient way for people to purchase the necessary items without stepping outside their houses. Amazon caters to everyone with its large variety of products. Therefore, Amazon should be a person’s first choice when looking for a respirator such as the N95--but it should also be noted that the availability of this product on this website is variable.

2- The official 3M website


3M is the primary manufacturer of N95 respirators in America and is another reliable option for the purchasing of an N95 respirator. 3M offers N95 is all ranges that are original products of the company itself.

3- Bearing Distributors (BDI)

Located in Ohio, BDI is a bearing supplier that is also manufacturing necessary medical equipment such as respirators due to the current circumstances. The company is dealing in NIOSH approved reliable respirators and you may also refer to their official website for further information.

4- Associated bag

Associated Bag is another supplier of personal protective equipment and currently supplying respirators in the state of Ohio and even gives you the option of having your order delivered to you on the very same day.

5- NFI masks, LLC

NFI is another manufacturer of safety products including respirators and is based in the USA. The NFI is another reliable option for the purchase of N95 respirators for all Ohio inhabitants. You can refer to their official website to place an order and acquire additional information.


With the resurgence of the Coronavirus in many US states including Ohio, it is now crucial than ever for everyone to wear masks and adhere to the SOPS to nip this virus in the bud and prevent it from taking over America like before. Since the N95 is the most reliable and effective respirator against this virus, it takes precedence over other masks and is highly recommendable. Hopefully, the above-mentioned sites will help those who are in search of this respirator.

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