A surgical mask is a disposable face mask that can also be referred to as a medical mask since its main objective was to give protection to health care professionals during procedures concerning healthcare. A surgical mask protects it, user, by acting as a barrier between any bacterial fluid discharged from the mouth or nose of a person and stops these fluids from entering into the user’s body. In comparison to their counterpart, the N95 respirator, a surgical mask doesn’t filter out airborne particulates and does not have a seal-fit either.

In conclusion, a surgical mask is said to be quite unavailing when someone wears it to protect themselves against an infectious disease such as influenza or even the coronavirus. However, a surgical mask is not entirely futile as it could indeed protect someone who may be in close contact with an infectious person or someone with coronavirus symptoms as the mask is said to filter out droplets and fluids. A surgical mask may be considered a good enough substitute for respirators and is also a more economical choice in comparison to the latter.

Surgical Masks and Coronavirus

At the time of the coronavirus outbreak, masks and respirators of all kinds were in high demand, and healthcare professionals along with the public as well encountered an extreme scarcity of these life-saving products. Surgical masks too became quite hard to find as a result of the surge in coronavirus cases everywhere in the world. So a lot of people resorted to online shopping to get their hands on the surgical masks, even though the masks were still not that easily available even online. But now that there has been a considerable decrease in the cases in most parts of the world, surgical masks can be found on various platforms online and a few of them are listed below to make it more convenient for you.

  • Amazon.com
  • Headquartered in Seattle, Washington--Amazon is among the leading E-commerce websites of the world. This American conglomerate has managed to gain a loyal clientele in every part of the world with its indispensable service. The website’s service was especially pivotal during the coronavirus outbreak as Amazon was the platform everyone turned to for acquiring their desired items, be it grocery, medicines, or even a respirator or surgical mask. You can find surgical masks at Amazon with different pricing available in different stores.

  • Facemasks.uk
  • Facemasks.uk is an online website selling personal protective equipment such as respirators, surgical masks, and hand sanitizers under the brand name of Face Masks International. The brand offers worldwide delivery of these products including regions such as Europe, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, etc. The brand offers timely delivery and are offering its products at an economical price. The brand also sells surgical masks and other masks in bulk quantity to suppliers.

  • Shoprree.com
  • Shoppree.com is another online platform operating from India that is dealing in surgical masks. Gloves and other utility items. The platform offers timely delivery with a maximum limit of six days and will assist you in any concerned matter 24/7. The website also ships internationally and does not charge a hefty amount for it and on top of all this, the surgical masks offered by the website are inexpensive as well.

  • Whowbtl.co
  • This website is also dealing with Personal Protective Equipment like surgical masks and respirators and offering international delivery. This website is operating under the brand Tongwei Medical Equipment and is playing their part in making PPE like surgical masks available for the public and healthcare workers.

    Before making your purchase online make sure to check the reliability of the website and contact the seller as well and discuss potential problems beforehand and decide on suitable return and refund policies. A preferable choice would be to opt for websites that offer cash on delivery instead of online transfer that is done before the arrival of the actual order as it will make you prone to getting scammed or having a bad experience with the website.

    Another crucial point to keep in mind when making the purchase is to check the level of protection of the mask as a surgical mask’s protection level and quality can be variable. Do good research on the type of surgical mask you are going to purchase and if you are a healthcare worker looking for a surgical mask online then make sure you know how to differentiate between an actual surgical mask and a regular surgical mask as not all surgical masks are deemed appropriate to be worn during surgery.


    These surgical masks are obtained through the melt blowing process and are made up of nonwoven fabric material. These masks filter out fluids and are considered the appropriate choice to be worn during medical procedures. However, fate had something different in store for surgical masks as these masks became the most crucial items for every household. Surgical masks became extremely popular as they were the choice of the majority of the people seeking protection from coronavirus. 

    The availability of surgical masks became quite short in the market as their importance reached an all-time high and since the public was desperate to get their hands on this mask they turned to online platforms for refuge. Online platforms although still had a scarce quantity of surgical masks available—yet they turned out to be a source of light in the very dark world which was succumbing to COVID-19.

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