Where to look for N95 masks in Nevada

A mask is better than no mask. According to a study, wearing masks can help lessen the contagion. This is because a mask is able to prevent the coronavirus from getting inside the body. Hence, protecting the wearer. Masks are now an essential part of a household. One should not leave the house without a mask on. Disregarding the idea of wearing the mask potentially harms people; making them vulnerable and susceptible to contamination.

Wearing a mask is an important gesture. There are a lot of masks that are available in the market. However, not all masks are created equal. Some masks provide just adequate protection while other masks provide superior protection against the virus.

The N95 mask is considered to be the most effective mask to be used as protection in this time of the pandemic. Medical experts have been wearing the N95 mask even before the pandemic started. The N95 mask is not only popular in the medical field, but it is also popular in the field of Construction, Engineering, and Mining. In fact, the market growth for the N95 mask expanded; making it the most in-demand mask.

July 25 of this year when the Governor of Nevada put into effect the mask mandate in response to the issue of Governor Sisolak seen without any mask covering. The mandate forces Nevadans to wear a protective mask as the governor indicated that wearing a mask will help save lives.

In the health bulletin by the Nevada Health Center Covid-19 Summary last October 30, 2020, the state has an adequate supply for the N95 mask that can withstand up to 28 days or more. Fortunately, they do not have any shortage of supply for the N95 mask. Maybe because this is in the effect of the mask mandate of the county, specifying that people should not need to wear the N95 mask.

Still, people are looking forward to wearing the N95 mask. What makes the mask so in demand?

These factors are sought to be reasons as to why the N95 mask is popular and in-demand:

The N95 mask is both NIOSH and FDA Approved

Prior to distribution, masks like the N95 mask should be regulated and checked by accrediting authorities. Authorities are the ones that certify masks like the N95 mask is of high quality and can provide protection to wearers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety are the ones responsible for the regulation of the N95 mask; assuring its quality. A clear NIOSH marking can be seen on the surface of the regulated N95 mask.

Its protection ability

The term N95 in the N95 mask actually has a meaning. The N in the N95 mask stands for “not oil resistant”. Oil can damage the N95 mask. As for the 95 in the N95 mask, it pertains to the filtration ability. Meaning, the N95 mask can filter up to 95% of aerosol particles. In the medical field, the N95 mask is helpful in filtering strains of viruses and bacteria. For the fields of Construction, Engineering, and Mining, the N95 mask is useful against exhaust fumes, volatile gases, sand, finer particles of sawdust, and even cement.

A million pieces of the N95 mask are used every day.

When the pandemic happened, about a million pieces of the N95 mask were utilized daily. This is because of the N95 mask’s protection ability. Experts even projected that the number of the N95 mask that will be used will continue to swell unless a vaccine is publicly distributed.

Despite all these, the N95 mask experiences a global scarcity. However, suppliers and manufacturers are doing their best to supply stocks of the N95 mask. If you are in Nevada and wish to buy an N95 mask, there are stores that sell the mask.

  • Drug Stores

Drug stores are the easiest place to get the N95 mask. Aside from medicines, medical supplies like the N95 mask are also sold in drug stores. A lot of people purchase the N95 mask from drugstores because the mask is NIOSH approved.  Pharmacies like Sierra Compounding Pharmacy in Reno and Las Vegas Pharmacy in Vegas are the pharmacies to go.

  • Medical Supply Chains

Medical supply chains are known to sell medical equipment like the N95 mask. The sad thing is, you cannot buy in retail. Buying the N95 mask must be in bulk and in large quantities. Hospitals and some private companies buy their needed medical supply from these chains.  Some of the best-selling Medical stores where you can find the N95 mask are Las Vegas Medical Store in Westlake Center, Freedom Medical Supply, and CPAP Store Las Vegas.

  • Home Depots

Aside from construction and engineering materials, you can find the NIOSH approved N95 mask here. Also, they subscribe to the standard retail price set by manufacturers. The Home Depot in Nevada is the most trusted depot with branches in Reno, Henderson, Carson City, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas.

Despite all these stores that offer the N95 mask, it is still best to leave the N95 mask to medical healthcare workers. They deserve the protection even more; being the people working in the front lines and protecting people. People should seek alternatives to the N95 mask. The N95 mask is not necessarily needed in public. With its protection ability, the mask is more needed in the healthcare industry.

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