Where to purchase surgical masks online

The COVID-19 pandemic surges on and so does the surgical mask demand. It is well-known that n95 masks and n95 respirators are prioritized for healthcare frontline workers to use in the United States. The government in the USA is already trying to increase the supply of different face mask types and personal protection equipment.

There may be reusable and disposable face mask products available for sale online. You can buy 3M N95 masks, 3M 8511, 3M 8210, 1860, kn95 masks, and face shields online. Keep in mind though that for the N95 mask, adults and not kids should use them for virus protection. Antiviral face masks with various uses for different working environments are best for healthcare workers’ protection.

Medical grade surgical masks are already in tight supply and it can be hard to find one to buy. It is important though that you find a face mask you can use that can filter the virus in the dust, smoke, and air to combat the flu causing virus. So if you find one, buy in bulk or wholesale when you can.

What face mask should I use?

Keep in mind that N95 respirators are designed for doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers. The general public is not prioritized for use of PPE especially the N95 mask that is essential for protection when treating patients infected with the COVID-19.

For those not in a medical working environment, surgical face masks or cloth face masks may be used. A face mask will prohibit medical issues by preventing droplets from spreading unconsciously when we are out and about. It also helps prevent the virus from getting inhaled.

Properly made surgical masks and cloth masks may catch droplets and act as a barrier between others and the wearer as his mouth and nose are covered.

Why buy a medical-grade face mask?

Kn95, N95, and surgical face masks comply with strict testing and manufacturing standards. They are rules set by the FDA, OSHA, and NIOSH. However, non-medical face masks are not regulated as they are not used in healthcare settings. So a medical-grade face mask is tested because it is typically worn by surgeons and doctors. Other masks are not regulated.

Where to find surgical masks online?

  1.     Walmart

Their eCommerce site sells a 50-piece pack of surgical mask supplies. They have a surgical mask for dental and non-medical use. Their surgical mask is disposable.

Each package comes with 50 surgical mask products. The surgical mask they have is a 3 ply non-woven fabric. This type of surgical mask comes with elastic ear loops for a snug fit. There is also an adjustable nose bridge on this surgical mask.

You can use this surgical mask in environments with low amounts of spray, aerosols, or fluids produced. This surgical mask can protect the wearer, however, against unseen airborne substances like air pollution, smoke, and pollen.

  1.     Love Your Melon

This company makes beanies and now designs, tests, and manufactures single-use surgical mask products that can be worn over medical grade PPE for reuse. They have reusable surgical masks and single-use surgical masks. The company also donates half of its profits when you buy a surgical mask.

  1.     Casetify

This company makes breathable cotton fabric surgical masks that can be washed and fitted with an appropriate filter made of non-woven material. If you buy a reusable mask from them, they pledge to donate a surgical mask to a healthcare worker who is in need of a surgical mask.

  1.     Basic Resources

This is a good source for surgical mask style products. Retailers replenish surgical mask stocks online after the surgical mask shortage early in the pandemic times.

  1.     Luosh USA

They have surgical mask quality face masks made in Georgia. Their surgical mask is hypoallergenic. Furthermore, they have surgical masks that will not clog your pores. Their surgical mask is also hypoallergenic and an American-made surgical mask that is non-comedogenic.

  1.     Amazon

You can buy a surgical mask on the popular eCommerce site, Amazon. First, there is the Viero Surgical Mask that is a 3ply face mask that comes with a protective filter to cover your nose and mouth. Their surgical mask is made with nonwoven fabric and is disposable. It is not a surgical mask made for medical use, rather it is a surgical mask designed for personal use only.

There is also the Universal Breathable Surgical Mask that comes in a pack of 50 pieces. They are said to be good surgical mask quality face masks.

These surgical mask options are available online via Ecommerce stores or via their websites. You may buy a surgical mask to use when you are traveling by public transport. You can also use a surgical mask when you do your errands.

A surgical mask is better than an N95 mask if you are wearing a surgical mask for protective measures only. When you are treating COVID-19 patients or come in contact with symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 patients in your daily life, then it is a must to wear a surgical mask.

The important thing is that you protect yourself by wearing a surgical mask. Without adequate protection, it can be difficult to combat COVID-19 to the point of extinction. Wear a protective surgical mask when you go out, especially to keep yourself and others safe and not the virus further.

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