Which American companies have given away the most N95 masks?

The need for N95 masks has never been in the forefront as it is today. A lot of people, organizations, and hospitals have their own need for the N95 masks in order to face the virus. With that, there have been a great majority of organizations and companies that have given away and donated N95 masks to help protect the vast majority of individuals and frontliners.

If you are curious about how the United States has handled donations and how organizations have taken a step to help the United States recover during this time of a pandemic, you should read this article.

The Need For More N95 Masks

The need for more N95 masks is now more apparent. Individuals know that every bit helps and that the supply chain needs more support, now more than ever. If you are looking at N95 masks  and you want to know where you can find them, you should first show that your need is the need of the greater good and not just of a single household.

Locating The N95 Masks

Locating the N95 masks is easy. There are now a lot of online suppliers and sources who can help maintain the supply need of the hospitals and medical responders. The problem, somehow, is the fact that the movement of goods and the supply chain is limited so the movement from one place to another is slow as well.

You can now easily find N95 masks online through Amazon, 3M, and Clinical Supplies USA. These are the most popular and more reliable sources of N95 masks that the world has today. You are in good hands when you trust only the most credible sources.

The Donations Made

There are a lot of organizations that have made vast donations towards the cause of fighting the pandemic. Some even made donations by remembering stockpiles that they have. One of the most inspiring stories is the story of the Washington National Cathedral. Washington National Cathedral made an astonishing donation of more than 5,000 masks. 

The story started when the head stonemason at Washington National Cathedral made the discovery, or at least remembered, that there were more than 7,000 N95 masks buried on the cathedral’s crypt. The masks were purchased way back in 2005 or 2006 during the time of the Avian flu outbreak. 

The remaining 2,000 masks that were left in the vault were being reserved by the Cathedral in case that the problem worsens in the area near them. However, scientists are saying that they need to reevaluate this move as the N95 masks may eventually expire since it has been purchased more than 14 years ago. 

In one interview by the New York times, Joe Alonso said the following: “Over the last month, you start hearing, ‘N95 masks, N95 masks,“I was like, ‘Oh yeah, all those N95 masks in the burial vault.’” The Cathedral decided that the best way that they can help is to donate the masks especially for those who desperately need masks.

Another health care union also found masks from a private company and sold the masks to Kaiser Permanente and the Greater New York Hospital Association at no profit margin. Considering the present circumstances and the racketeering that followed, this is a gesture of a donation.

Other companies have also followed suit in the donations, the following are the companies that have donated a lot in the fight against the coronavirus:

  • Facebook donated some of its “emergency reserve” of 720,000 masks to the victims of the California wildfires. This move came after the bush fires turned into big fires that affected the air quality in the areas surrounding the forests.
  • Apple also donated and procured uo to 10 million masks to donate to “the medical community in the United States. They also made the move to procure more masks for those in Europe and in countries that have been badly hit by the pandemic.
  • In a surprising move, Pornhub also donated some 50,000 surgical masks to New York-area medical professionals and emergency responders. They did not mention where they got the masks or who their suppliers are.
  • Goldman Sachs  has donated 600,000 N95 masks. They said that these were also N95 masks that were “procured in the wake of previous epidemics”. They also donated some 50,000 N95 masks to Britain’s National Health Service. 
  • Nasdaq also made the same announcement that they are donating some 12,000 N95 masks to  Greater New York Hospital Association. When asked about their readiness, they mentioned that this step is part of their global crisis preparedness.

Donate To Your Community

If you are able to locate N95 masks, you should do your best to donate them. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that every individual in your community actually has access to the right supply of N95 masks because community transmission is a threat that you can only face as a community. If you hoard N95 masks while the rest of your community suffers, no amount of N95 masks will ever be able to protect you from eventually getting infected and contaminated with the virus. If you do have the supply or the means to buy supplies online, do not hesitate to look at your community and also give out those N95 masks while saving a supply for your own use.

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