Disposable masks are designed in such a way that you can use it for one time and immediately dispose of it. The primary reason for disposing of masks is that the external layer of the mask may come direct contact with the virus. So there is no way you want to allow the virus to stay with you.

Moreover, using the same mask can jeopardize your health because while you are using it, your breathing and sweat will produce germ in the mask's inner part. So, when you are saving the used mask for another use, you surely are taking the risk of getting affected by the produced germs. Disposing of the used mask is the best solution to avoid such unwanted situations and keep yourself protected from the airborne viruses as well as germs.

It is worth mentioning that report published in the journal Lancet found coronavirus can stay active on the external part of the surgical masks for least a week. So, disposing of a used mask the best option to stay protected.

If you look at some organizations across the globe, they are using disposable face mask to fight against the airborne virus, not because disposable masks are cheap and protective, but employees and stuff are bound to use this mask to avoid any infection contraction.

Here is the list of 4 big organizations in the US who are using disposable masks.

1. Philanthropic Organizations

Employees and volunteer members of philanthropic organizations have been actively helping the needy people during this kind of crisis because it is their responsibility. They have been working in the field to distribute food to poor and homeless people. Therefore, those stuffs are always on the move. In order to protect themselves from virus contraction they have to use this kind of disposable face masks so that they can dispose of used mask before entering their work station to avoid germs.

2. Newspaper Organizations

Journalists, especially the news reporters, are doing their duty in this minacious time. While working, they are bound to go outside frequently as well as come back to the office to report to their supervisor. Under such circumstances, reporters have been using the disposable face mask so that they can dispose of it prior to their office entrance.

3. Hospitals

Doctors from hospitals must use disposable face masks because they spend most of the time seeing patients and giving treatments to them. There is a huge chance, especially in this infection growing situation, physician may not know whether that patient has the virus or not. To resolve such confusion, they prefer to wear disposable face masks so that they can dispose of the mask after seeing each patient.

Those doctors who come close to the patients directly, such as dentists, emergency doctors, or checkup doctors, are bound to use disposable face masks. Hence, they are protecting themselves and saving healthy people from the virus by throwing away disposable masks.

4. Armed Force Organizations

Along with others, people from the armed force organizations have been working tirelessly in this situation. Those working in the field to ensure maximum security to the country's citizens also come close to all kinds of people. While serving the citizens, they have to ensure their safety and a disposable mask is the best option to keep them and the citizen protected.

Wrapping Up

The whole world is now going through a tough time. Under all the circumstances, you must wear masks (the doctors and researchers highly recommend the disposable mask), stay safe and healthy whether you are working in the organizations mentioned above or any other. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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