Which companies manufacture the most surgical masks?

The world's top surgical mask manufacturers have experienced a dramatic increase in the sales of their respiratory protection products since the coronavirus outbreak started in China and spread worldwide early this year.

The global fear of a coronavirus pandemic has definitely been one of the key drivers of the excellent development of the global demand for surgical masks.

Multiple countries around the globe have seen buyers stocking up and panic-buying surgical masks and other respirator masks under the current circumstances, triggering a severe shortage of surgical masks and n95 masks in certain markets. Some health authorities stating that healthy people don't need to wear face masks to prevent the coronavirus from infecting them.

World consumption for surgical masks and N95 respirators continues to grow dramatically, increasing the sales of some of the world's largest producers of N95 masks and surgical masks.

Surgical masks

Surgical masks are made for medical conditions at reduced risk and are designed to avoid the wearer from transmitting germs. The material can get around the edges of the mask due to its loose fit to the face and still penetrate the nose and mouth, so they do not have the same degree of protection as an N95. Moreover, in the mask, the filtering pores are not small enough to protect viruses.

These masks, however, protect against spray, big droplets, and splashes, and prevent the germs of the wearer from spreading to other individuals. There seems to be a study by Raina MacIntyre, a University of New South Wales professor of global biosecurity, which indicates that they could have some impact on rapid proliferation.

The analysis found that individuals who wore these masks in the same room as a member of the sick family decreased their risk of infection, but only if they were regularly wearing them in the same room. In addition, Dr. McIntyre's separate trial found that disposable masks bear lower infection risks.

The companies manufacture the most surgical masks

The coronavirus-related development ramp-up includes two main forms of medical facial masks: surgical and respiratory. Typically, surgical face masks are worn by health workers during surgery and nurses to trap bacteria from the user's mouth and nose in liquid droplets and aerosols.

Surgical masks are not generally prohibited the wearer from inhaling environmental bacteria and virus particles, a role accomplished more effectively by respirator masks. Because of their material, shape, and tight seal, offer better protection.  It is assumed that the general public will see the largest demand for surgical masks. Let’s take a look of companies manufacturing the most surgical masks;

Louis M. Gerson Company, Inc.

The company sells strainers, dispensers, bags, spreaders, spray socks, filters, respiratory masks, tack cloth, and related products. Louis M. Gerson Co., Inc. is one of the world's largest medical manufacturers. At present, in both the USA and China, the Gerson Company has established capabilities. The Company is accredited for medical and industrial respiratory protection equipment.


Ambu A/S is a company based in Denmark engaged in the production, manufacture, and sale of hospital and rescue services for diagnostic and life-supporting devices.

The activities of the Organization are organized into three business areas: Anaesthesia, Diagnostics & Patient Monitoring, and Emergency Treatment. Ambu provides a variety of items for hospitals, clinics, and emergency services, from resuscitators, face masks, and laryngeal masks to a single-use, flexible intubation system.


Honeywell, based in Santa Ana, CA, is one of the world's best surgical masks and N95 mask manufacturers. Honeywell is a world leader in personal protection equipment (PPE) products for various working conditions, such as chemicals, vapors and gas, welding, airborne particulates, and pollution. Non-disposable respirators mask filters & cartridges and N95 masks with and without valves are some of the bestselling products.


3M Corporation is a global enterprise in the sectors of economy, employee protection, health care, and consumer products. It is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of surgical masks, including N95 masks and attached face shields.

3M Co plans to scale up U.S. monthly output of N95 respirator masks to 50 million as demand increases from healthcare professionals and first responders fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Over the next year, the company is also aiming to manufacture 2 billion N95 respirators globally.

Alpha Pro Tech

Alpha Pro Tech is a US medical Technology Company that designs, manufactures, and markets a line of disposable protective clothing and infection prevention products for the clean, agricultural, medicinal, medical, and dental markets. 

This is one of the best manufacturers, with and without shields, of N95 respirator masks, as well as masks, veils, and other medical personal protective clothing.


Teleflex Integrated is a leading supplier of products for medical technology and one of the world's top 10 manufacturers of respirator masks.

The Company designs develop, produces, and supplies single-use medical instruments used in critical care and surgical applications by hospitals and healthcare professionals for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The company has more than 30 production sites worldwide, with production facilities in the Czech Republic, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, and the USA.

Prestige Ameritech

In America, Reputation Ameritech is a leading domestic maker of surgical masks and respirators and one of the world's top 10 producers of respirator masks. Prestige Ameritech also sells a wide variety of medical goggles, masks for doctors, and other accessories, in addition to facemasks and respirators. In the United States, Reputation Ameritech only represents clients.

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