Which Countries Have the Highest COVID-19 Death Rate?

The COVID-19 pandemic caught the world unprepared. Many countries didn’t know how to respond to the novel coronavirus. That led to a lot of problems in worldwide travel and the healthcare systems in many nations. 

As of now (24.06.2020), more than 480 000 people with COVID-19 have died. In this article, we are going to share the top 10 countries with the highest COVID-19 death rate. Also, we will discuss how each of these countries has handled the crisis.

But before that, you’ll have to know what exactly is the death rate. It’s a measure of the number of deaths in a population. In most cases, the mortality rate is showed as units of deaths per 1,000 people per year.

Now that you know what death rate is let’s discuss the top 10 countries with the highest COVID-19 death rate, starting with the first one.


  1. USA


The US has the worst COVID-19 outbreak. As of now, more than 120 000 people with coronavirus have died. That’s because each state deals with the issue independently with some states having a full lockdown while others didn’t lock up at all. Also, the protests for George Floyd didn’t help at all, because they led to more people coming together without any protection.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were hospitals and medical workers that didn’t have access to any protective equipment.

Fortunately, in April, 3M double the production of N95 respirators, so the people that need them the most will have access to them.


  1. Brazil


Brazil has become the second country in the world to pass 50 000 deaths from COVID-19. Only the US has more. The virus began spreading to Brazil on 25 February and four months later on 19 June, the country has reported its 1 millionth case. One of the reasons for these results is the ongoing protest against the president.

As of now, the crisis seems to be getting worse because there is a lot of political and economic instability in the country. No one knows what will happen next, but we can hope that fewer people are going to get infected and die.


  1. UK


Of all the countries in Europe, the UK had the worst COVID-19 outbreak. They have more than 300 000 cases of the novel coronavirus. This happened because they didn’t do a full lockdown immediately. The first case in the UK was on 31 January, and they didn’t start a lockdown until 23 March. 

That means that for almost two months, the disease was spreading rapidly without much intervention. As of now, the UK is coming out of the lockdown preparing for the second wave of the COVID-19.


  1. Italy


When the COVID-19 outbreak was in its early stages, one of the countries with the highest death rate was Italy. They have a more elderly population which is more susceptible to the novel coronavirus. Italy didn’t handle the pandemic very well, and as a result, the economic and political situation in the country isn’t good. Many people are without a job and have no way to provide for their families.

As of now, the worst seems to be behind Italy as their death toll is decreasing since May.


  1. France


France recorded the first COVID-19 death outside of Asia. As of now, they have more than 160 000 confirmed cases with nearly 30 000 deaths. France reacted relatively quickly and went into a full lockdown only a month after the first recorded coronavirus death. They have extended their lockdown twice, and it ended on 11 May.

However, the government extended the national health emergency until 24 July.


  1. Spain


Spain at one point had the worst COVID-19 outbreak next to Italy. Their first recorded case was confirmed on 31 January, but they waited almost two months before they went into full lockdown. Before the lockdown, there were confirmed COVID-19 cases in all 50 provinces in the country.

Spain also has a more elderly population, like most countries in Europe, which led to many deaths. As of now, the situation seems to be more manageable, and 1 June was the first day with 0 coronavirus deaths recorded.


  1. Mexico


The country with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in Central America is Mexico. They have 190 000 reported cases with more than 23 000 deaths. This was a result of a very unstable political situation. The president of Mexico didn’t take the coronavirus very seriously initially, which led to more soft measures, which resulted in more deaths.

Since then, the situation seems more at ease, and the first foreign tourists landed in Mexico on 1 June.


  1. India


India is also one of the countries with the worst COVID-19 outbreak. They have almost half a million coronavirus cases with 14 000 deaths. India has the most cases in Asia, having their first case reported on 30 January. Each state handled the pandemic slightly differently, but for the most part, the social distancing rules were implemented.

India is still in a lockdown which will continue at least until 30 June.


  1. Iran


The COVID-19 outbreak in Iran showed what happens when you’re misinformed. Initially, the leaders of the country denied the existence of COVID-19, and now, Iran has more than 200 000 cases and nearly 10 000 deaths. There were a couple of high-profile officials that got the disease and died.

As of now, there’s a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Iran, and nobody knows when it’s going to stop.


  1. Belgium


Belgium, like all European countries on the list, has an elderly population. This led to problems in the healthcare system because as of now, Belgium has 60 000 reported cases and almost 10 000 deaths. The first case was reported in early February, and the peak of the outbreak was between March to April.

As the writing of this post, the situation in Belgium seems to be in control.


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