Which country (outside the US) uses the most N95 respirators?

N95 masks are popular throughout the world. These masks are used by workers and the general public belonging to all of the industries and areas of life. These N95 respirators provide maximum protection against the virus. They block 95% of the air and dust particles and protect people from getting infected. China was the first country where COVID-19 broke out. These N95 masks are the most important parts of personal protection equipment. 


N95 Respirators and the USA

USA was the first country that supplied these N95 respirators throughout the world. But, soon coronavirus reached the USA and all of the N95 masks and N95 respirators were used by the local health organizations and medical staff to protect the people from the virus. These N9 became the most popular masks in the USA within no time as provided maximum protection.

Furthermore, these masks were regulated by NIOSH and CDC, so people from the US became attracted to the quality of these masks. However, the popularity of these N95 respirators soon reached all the countries around the world. The demands for N95 respirators increased. It led to a shortage of N95 masks and N95 respirators. The manufacturers from various countries started preparing these masks for their medical staff, health institutes, and the general public. 

N95 became popular in some countries outside the USA such as Japan, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, and various other countries. All these countries were affected by the coronavirus and people were suffering from deaths. These N95 respirators were proving to be so effective that people from these countries became dependent on these masks.


Italy and the Popularity of N95 Respirators

During the first wave of COVID-19, Italy was declared as the epicenter. Hundreds of people were being infected by the virus each day and similarly, hundreds of people were dying each day. Situations were out of control. The personal protection equipment was also in a short amount and it was becoming a difficult day after to contain the virus. N95 respirators were also in shortage for the medical staff because the general public was consuming more of those N95 masks and N95 respirators.

Demands of N95 respirators became sky high and everyone around the country was demanding N95 masks and N95 respirators. The N95 respirator and N95 masks became popular within no time across the country because of the air filtration quality that these masks were providing. People started relying on these masks and companies around the country were given the order for the preparation of these masks.


China and N95 Respirators Popularity

China was the most affected country at the first and N95 respirators were provided by the US government and other countries for help. But soon China got out of the pandemic and started manufacturing its N95 masks with the name of KN95 respirators. These masks were the Chinese version of the US-made N95 masks. Their production was started at the vast grounds keeping in mind the popularity of these N95 respirators in other countries of the world. China is the biggest rival of the US at present, so to compete with the popularity challenge, it came up with its version of N95 respirators. These masks were also good in the best quality. China donated these masks to countries around the world for their fight against the virus. The donations were quite helpful for the countries as they were all facing the shortage problem of N95 respirators. 


Japan and N95 Respirators Popularity

Wearing the masks is included in Japanese customs. They wear the masks for their daily life and its quite normal for them. However, after the outbreak of COVID-19, they needed some quality masks with some new technologies to protect themselves from the virus. But they did not make any plans for social distancing, shutting down the businesses or adopting any particular measures as adopted by other countries of the world. 

Despite all these factors, they were still able to contain the virus and it did not spread inside the country. Least people became infected with the virus. The research was conducted for this thing. And it was found that wearing the masks was the only reason people were not vulnerable to the virus. They were able to stop the virus. It was just because they were already using masks for their protection from dust allergies and other problems. 

With the arrival of N95 masks, they became more excited, because they got an extra protective gear for their protection. Soon, these N95 masks became popular in the country and were in high demand.


The popularity of N95 Respirators in Canada

Canadians just like the people of the US are always concerned about health. The coronavirus breakout was a major problem for them as well. It was spreading across the country and the death toll was rising. The government declared an emergency. Social distancing, shutting down of the business areas, wearing of N95 respirators and other masks, and other steps were taken by the government.

Wearing of the mask was not declared on the national level; however, it was recommended that N95 respirators should be wear to have protection against the virus. Observing the air filtration quality, popularity, and comfort level of these masks, the N95 masks became popular in the country and came in high demand.


N95 respirators are not only popular inside the US, they are equally popular in other countries. It is mainly due to the comfort level and protection that people get by wearing these quality masks.

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