Which PPE companies are producing kids' masks?

In the COVID-19 situation, many companies have started to play their role in the cause. Many companies switched towards the medical equipment side to meet the needs of the world. Many countries started to approach NIOSH for the approval of their equipment as for every country at the time was suffering from the same shortage and all of them were working hard to overcome.

At a time where everyone needed protective equipment to protect themselves from the deadly virus that had threatened people from all over the world. There was little or no goods for child protection. The children had nothing they could wear to resist the diseases. Many respirators were being launched in the process but nothing was present to protect the children except sanitizers.

N95 respirators were being recommended and used by people and doctors as they are the most effective respirator to date. But N95 respirators are not available for children, the sizes are big and can hardly fit onto a girl's face. N95 respirators are not produced for children. People were worried about their children and so were the corporations and health departments. Although, children are least likely to catch the virus because of their immune system.

However, children can transport the virus from one to another without being affected by it. To control this spread of the virus many big names came forward to produce respirators and other PPEs for kids but the main focus was the manufacture and distribution of respirators and masks to children in vulnerable areas.

Face masks for children:

Many companies have contributed to this cause; it is because of these companies that coronavirus is ending. These companies helped many nations to overcome the disease. Some companies that produced masks for kids are listed below.

Vida protective mask:

Vida protective masks are two-layered and are made using 100% cotton which provides  

the children with a soft touch. It has adjustable straps and a multi-filter structure. These masks are being sold individually or in packs for children up to the age of 5. The mask has a soft structure a perfect fit feature that resists children touching the mask again and again because of irritation.

Sanctuary Kids: Sanctuary kids' protective masks are suitable for children from the age of two to ten. The mask is made of cotton and has two layers and enables an insert able filter. The mask is being sold in the pack of five. Each mask has a beautiful design over it. Two masks in the pack have dinosaur print, two comes with a camo print and one with leopard print. The masks are attractive and children find it interesting to wear.


Disney is the most loved cartoon channel by children. The kids are a huge fan of Disney and Disney characters. Disney always helps the world whenever is needed and in this coronavirus situation, Disney emphasized the need to wear face masks by everyone. Disney also launched its face masks for children which were printed with Disney characters. Children love those characters so they started to wear the mask without removing it and touching it again and again.

Disney has launched face masks with printed Marvel and Disney characters, designs are separate for girls and boys. The masks are reusable and washable.


Crayola is United States crayon company, each crayon has its name and cartoon which encourages children more towards coloring and drawing. Children live Crayola and its crayons. Crayola has been working hard to make the world free from coronavirus, Crayola launched face masks for children, the masks had printed crayons colors and a name label. The masks are made if 100% cotton and are suitable for children from the age of five and onwards 

The company also donated a lot of money to the food providers and worked to demolish poverty and hunger from the world.

Gap kids face mask:

Gaps kids face masks come in many prints including polka dots and plaid. The masks are being sold packs of three. The masks are being sold at many stores od United States and are also available online. The Gap kids face masks have also started the initiative of distributing face masks and have distributed fifty thousand face masks to the boys and girls if America.

Green sprouts reusable face masks:

Green sprouts respirators are available in four colors, aqua, blue, coral and, grey. These masks have been made of the polyester lining. The masks are soft and can be used by children from kindergarten to the fifth standard. The masks are being sold online as well as in local stores. It has a middle activated carbon filter, the masks are reusable and washable.

Etsy children face masks:

Etsy face masks for children have followed all types if CDC guidelines for a face respirator. The respirator is available in many different prints, each print is attractive and the colors are bright that is very attractive for children. The firm doesn't make any promises for medical protection but provides a fast shipping process at cheaper rates. The masks are used by children up to the age limit of five.


At the start of the pandemic, people were wearing facemasks for protection but for children, there was nothing accept sanitizers. No PPEs were being manufactured for kids. People were worried about their children and so were other firms, many firms came forward and produced face masks for child protection against the virus. These masks are made extra soft and protect against the germs of coronavirus.

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