Who are the most prominent producers of N95 masks?

N95 masks were available on the market even before this pandemic situation of COVID-19. It was used for industrial purposes. However, it is considered one of the best masks to fight this deadly Coronavirus for its efficiency of blocking airborne particles.

Since its introduction in the market as a protective shield against COVID-19, people started buying this mask and its variants rigorously. The first and main manufacturer of N95 masks is 3M. Their product fell short for the high demand in the market, and there was a crisis for that. When it is declared an effective mask, most sellers bought it in bulk because they foresaw the situation of this shortage. It was high time for them to sell the stored mask at a bit higher price. But, that was not sufficient too. As the entire globe is affected by it, some companies couldn’t meet the demand initially. As a result, fake N95 masks flooded the market. People who were already confused with the disease, symptoms, precautions and all started purchasing those fake masks in bulk. The situation was quite out of control. The real masks were not reaching people who need it the most, like the frontline workers. In this situation, some retailers came forward and took steps to control it. They stopped selling authentic masks in bulk to manage the even distribution. Almost all popular retailers stopped selling other products than the essential ones, and there was a restriction on the purchase. In the meantime, the manufacturers hire more people to increase their productivity and manage the shortage.


With the Government’s help, many of these fraudulent businesses have been banned, but they are still in the market of many companies. The United States has recognized many fraud companies and canceled their licenses. Other than that, they have also declared the difference between the authorized and unauthorized masks to make people aware. The NIOSH and CDC played a crucial role here where they announced that the kids should use no mask under the age of 2. They also said that disposable masks and reusable cotton masks are the best for common people. The technique of sanitizing masks at home is also published with video and instruction so that people can do it at home. The United States has banned the N95 masks with valves in this pandemic situation as it is supposed to increase the chance of contamination. The virus inside a wearer’s body can easily be released in the air through the exhalation valve of these masks. NIOSH and CDC already publish the list of approved masks.


To help you with the authentication process, we are here to discuss some authorized and popular manufacturers of N95 masks so that you can check it while purchasing it from any retailer or seller.



3M is an American conglomerate company that works in the areas of safety of employees, medical care, and consumer goods sectors. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of surgical masks, face shields, and N95 masks. When demand increases from healthcare workers and frontline workers during coronavirus pandemic, 3M planned to increase the monthly production of N95 respirator masks to 50 million. The company is also planning to manufacture 2 billion N95 respirators worldwide in the coming year.


Honeywell is a global leader in personal protection equipment (PPE) products for multiple areas where the workers are exposed to contaminants, natural gas, vapors, and other airborne particulates, and excessive pollution. Honeywell is one of N95's leading mask manufacturers based in Santa Ana, CA. Among the items that are on the top shelf of Honeywell, are washable respirators, filters and face shields, and N95 masks.

Prestige Ameritech

Prestige Ameritech has been one of the world's leading manufacturer of surgical masks and respirators and one of the top 10 producers of N95 masks. In addition to face masks, Prestige Ameritech also offers a wide variety of gloves, face shields, and other accessories for medical professionals.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark is an American healthcare corporation manufacturing and selling personal services and consumer goods. The Company's products include wipes, cleansing cloth, diapers, paper towels, sanitary products, and medical safety gear. The key products of Kimberly-Clark are sold in countries around the globe, like surgical masks, face shields, N95 masks filters, etc.

Alpha Pro Tech

Alpha Pro Tech is a U.S. based medical tech company that develops and sells a wide range for industrial, pharmaceutical, medical, and dental protective kits. Along with the others, it also is a famous manufacturer of N95 airborne masks.

Moldex-Metric, Inc.

Moldex-Metric generally trades in all medical equipment, including earplugs, safety masks, filters, face shields. Their market is mostly in Germany and the United States.


Teleflex Incorporated is one of the top suppliers of medical technology products across the world. The company designs and sells disposable medical equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in critical care and surgical applications. The company trades in many places across the world including Germany, Mexico, Czech Republic, Malaysia and the United States.

Shanghai Dasheng

Headquartered in Shanghai, China is Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacturer Company. The company has been accredited international quality management framework ISO9001 and sells EN149 products, and NIOSH approved respiratory masks N95 and N99 and medical and other masks and gloves.


Make sure whenever you buy a mask, you check the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is a certified one, go with the product, otherwise, you may report the company or the product for selling false N95 masks. Help yourself, help others.

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