Who has donated the most N95 masks?

With the COVID-19 breakout in China last year, a sense of emergency was created around the globe. The Chinese authorities and healthcare departments declared the nationwide emergency and started the preventive measures. Soon after China, the United Nation declared COVID-19 as a pandemic which was spreading at a faster speed in all the countries.

Countries around the world needed personal protection equipment (PPE) such as N95 masks and respirators to protect their citizens and medical staff from the virus. So, immediately after the outbreak, companies started the production of N95 masks. In the start countries purchase these N95 masks, later on, a great number of countries and companies around the world started donating these N95 masks. It helped the countries in their fight against COVID-19.

N95 Masks Donation by China

China made fast decisions, and their emergency measures helped them control the virus in a few months. And after the control, they started preparing the personal protection equipment including N95 masks and respirators for countries around the world. The production rate for N95 masks was gradually increased by them as the world needed these N95 masks the most.

After producing the N95 masks and respirators, China started donating these masks to the hard-hit countries. China donated millions of N95 masks, N95 respirators, surgical masks, and other equipment to Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Italy. The other European States, and African countries. It became the first country to help countries around the world in tackling the virus at maximum. Its efforts proved to be very effective for the world.

However, there was a major reason apart from the medical help for China, for which it donated the masks. The ongoing cold war between China and the USA was the major stimulus that China responded to. China is at the time, try to emerge as a superpower, so it donated N95 masks around the world to gain sympathy as the protector of the world. 

N95 Mask Donation by Various Companies

Apart from the countries, some of the giant companies around the world also plunged in the process of N95 masks donation. McDonald's, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Microsoft, and Google were some of the major contributors in these N95 masks and N95 respirators donation. They helped the countries around the world to cope with the virus at home.

These companies had already been donating the masks for Amazon Wildfires, so they had masks in store. So, they immediately reached out to the companies and medical staff of various state hospitals and started the donation process.

Donation of N95 Masks by Apple:

The giant technology firm Apple donated almost 9 million N95 masks around the world. It was the biggest donation by any company around the globe. Apple had a widespread network of its branches in almost all the countries of the world. So, with the breakout of the virus, it immediately started the help process for all the countries around the world. 

Apart from N95 masks, they also donated N95 respirators and other personal protection equipment (PPE) to these countries. So, Apple played a major role to save the countries from the deadly virus.

Elon Musk’s Tesla

Elon Musk also came forward with its company Tesla and donated almost 2.5 million N95 masks around the world. These N95 masks were prepared by various N95 manufacturing companies and then Tesla after purchasing these N95 masks, donated them to various countries. They also provided N95 respirators and personal protection equipment to the various firms in different countries.

Facebook and Google

The major campaigns for the N95 masks were started by Google and Facebook. They donated millions of masks around the world in collaboration with other sponsors. As the biggest social media and networking platforms, these two companies collected the data about the most affected countries and areas. After identifying these areas, they distributed the N95 masks and N95 respirators according to the intensity of the virus in areas. 

They also helped by taking different surveys and then letting people know about the most affected areas. Their surveys helped in tracking the virus and donating the N95 masks to the most affected areas.

McDonald's and Burger King

After the spread of the virus around the world, Burger King and McDonald's came up with their strategies for the donation of N95 masks. They delivered the N95 masks to their outlets and from these outlets, these N95 masks were delivered to various hospitals and institutions in various cities.

Their strategy for donating N95 masks was quite effective and different. Other restaurants and food industries also adopted their strategies for donating these N95 masks and proved to very helpful in tackling the virus.

Donation by Microsoft and Goldsman Sachs:

Bill Gates with his Microsoft company was to the first person who probably responded to the challenge of COVID-19 donations. He donated millions of N95 masks in almost all countries around the world. His strategies were in collaboration with the UN and all the state departments of various countries. He distributed the N95 masks and N95 respirators along with the other personal protection equipment (PPE).


Tackling the COVID-19 was not an easy task if these companies and countries would not have participated in N95 masks and N95 respirators donations. It was because of these giant companies that reaching out to the affected people and areas was made easy. The donation of this equipment and N95 masks was also very effective in stopping the spread of the virus.

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