Who is the founder of Honeywell?

A brand should not be a necessity. The focus has to be on the quality of the product. Regardless of the brand, the masks that you are buying have to be of top quality and do not compromise health. However, this philosophy is dispelled. Protection against the virus should not be compromised. This is why the N95 mask is needed to keep ourselves protected. There are brands that people can trust. 

Aside from 3M, there are other notable companies that produce the N95 mask. It is a known fact that the N95 mask is the sought-after mask to be worn as a protective mask. With the abilities of the N95 mask, several lives have been saved. Since 3M has expressed a scarcity for the mask, Honeywell came to the scene.

Honeywell is a California-based N95 mask supplier with US$250 Million yearly sales. The company also supplies masks like the N95 mask. Honeywell also offers cartridge masks, unvalved N95 masks, and valved N95 masks. The company offers other products that provide protection against chemicals, vapors, and other airborne particles.

Honeywell’s humble beginnings

It was through Mark Honeywell that Honeywell Company is still up and thriving in the market today. In the year 1906, Honeywell Heating Specialty Company was founded in Wabash, Indiana. The company did not sell N95 masks back then. Instead, the company marketed its product – mercury seal generator.

As the 1920s came, Honeywell began expanding and buying shares. In 1922, the company acquired Jewell Manufacturing Company to help automate their heating system better. 1927, Jewell and Honeywell became Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company. As 1931 came, Honeywell continued to expand and buy shares. Soon after, the company grew globally, being the world’s leading company for technology.

Honeywell in the Medical Industry

Primarily, Honeywell was a technological company. Its main goal is to provide quality technology-driven equipment to help serve the public better. Honeywell began to expand its horizons. From the industrial sector, Honeywell ventured to the medical industry. At first, they were working on technological equipment. Thermal scanners, ultrasound devices, and other medical equipment were produced by the company. Then came the N95 mask. The N95 mask began manufacturing in response to covid-19. Although the company has been manufacturing masks, not the NIOSH-approved N95 mask.

Honeywell’s N95 mask

Honeywell’s N95 masks have proven to be effective since they are on par with 3M in terms of sales. The company also offers a variety of masks including the unvalved N95 mask and the valved N95 mask. The unvalved N95 mask is widely used in hospitals. These unvalved N95 masks are closed shaped and can hardly have any point of leakage. The valved N95 mask is more known to the industrial sector like Construction, Engineering, and Mining. The valved N95 mask aids breathing. Unlike the unvalved N95 mask, the valved N95 mask uses its valve to clean inhaled air.

For the unvalved N95 mask from Honeywell, here are some of the models cleared:

  • H910 Plus
  • H830
  • DC301N95
  • H801

For the valved N95 mask from Honeywell, here are some of the models cleared:

  • DC300N95V
  • H910V Plus
  • H830V

Honeywell and their response to the Pandemic

Honeywell’s response to the pandemic made a significant impact on the N95 mask industry. News articles reported that the company converted some of its plants into N95 mask manufacturing plants to help supply the mask. These N95 mask manufacturing plants have been up and running since the pandemic came earlier this year. Also, they have been affected by the declining supply of the N95 mask. This is why Honeywell made sure that they are able to produce N95 masks and distribute them to the world.

The company has multiple plants across the world including North America, Europe, and China. Honeywell prioritizes the manufacturing of the N95 mask. There have been 20 Million N95 masks that were sold in China. In addition, the company donated $2 Million worth of equipment to hospitals in Wuhan, China.

The newest addition is the plant in Rhode Island. The plant was reported to have produced 20 million pieces of the N95 mask in a month. This supply can greatly help in meeting global demand. All workers under this N95 mask manufacturing plant were reported to have shown no traces of covid-19. The pieces of N95 masks that were generated from this plant went to the US Department of Health and Human Services to help with the national stockpile.

Are Honeywell’s N95 masks recognized by CDC?

The answer is yes. Without CDC’s approval and recognition, Honeywell would not make it to the market.  Honeywell follows the standards set by the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC). Their N95 masks are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH). Unlike 3M, Honeywell does not have a color code for their surgical N95 mask and the standard N95 mask. Honeywell has limited models of the N95 mask. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the efficiency of the N95 mask from Honeywell.

Honeywell’s legacy

From the industrial sector down to the medical sector, Honeywell has been consistent in delivering top quality products. These products have proven to be beneficial and the brand is continuously patronized by professionals. Without Honeywell, some of the greatest innovations would not make it in the industry. Aside from helping industries, the company had generated countless job opportunities that changed people’s lives. Honeywell is staying true to its dedication to providing quality and transforming lives.

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