Who sells fake N95 masks?

N95 respirator

The N95 respirator is one of the best medical gears for respiratory protection that aim to guard the wearer against airborne particulates. These airborne particulates could inflict harm to the wearer’s well-being. If you have to go outside, the best way to prevent coronavirus disease is to wear the N95 respirator at all times. There are a few things that determine the efficacy of N95 respirators. One of those things is the toughness of the fit of the N95 respirator. It is the most essential Personal Protective Equipment—PPE. 

An N95 respirator needs to have a tough facial fit. If you have a face mask with a facial fit that is tough, the leakages of solid particulates would not happen. There will be no space around the edges of the N95 respirator if the filtering facepiece respirator has a tough facial fit. In addition to the tightness of the facial fit, the filtration efficiency of the N95 respirator is good as well. Therefore, you would not face any problems while using the N95 respirator. 

The N95 respirators are also great at preventing the spread of particulates that deliberately affect the health of the wearer adversely. N95 respirators are better than the medical face masks and KN95 respirators—the Chinese version of the N95 respirator. There are different reasons why frontline healthcare providers prefer the use of N95 respirators. N95 respirators are generally used in offices, hospitals, nursing homes, important organizations, and an enormous number of healthcare facilities as well. 

People involved in selling fake N95 respirators to the public

Fake N95 respirators—also known as counterfeit N95 respirators—are being sold to the healthcare providers and people of the United States. Fake N95 respirators resemble the appearance of the real N95 respirator. However, what differs is their effectiveness, efficacy, and bacterial filtration efficiency—which is bad! The fake N95 respirators are not as good as the real ones. Moreover, the usage of fake N95 respirators has increased the number of coronavirus cases in the United States. 

Because of selling the fake N95 respirators to the public, a slew of people has contracted the coronavirus infection. There is a huge reason why people have become so desperate to buy new N95 respirators. That reason is the scarcity of N95 respirators. The acute shortage of face coverings has led the Americans to this point. Frontline healthcare workers had to reuse their N95 respirators multiple times in order to deal with the shortage. The constant reuse of N95 respirators has been the primary reason why the cases of COVID-19 have risen so much. 

Healthcare professionals—because of using counterfeit N95 respirators—have contracted the coronavirus. If they had known about the authenticity of these N95 respirators, they would have easily replaced their N95 respirator models. There are a few ways to check as to what N95 respirator is real or counterfeit. The N95 respirators were not available in the United States for a while because of the immense scarcity. Some people used this situation to make some skrilla by selling fake N95 respirators. 

Fake N95 respirators are ineffective and detrimental to the health of an individual. Thousands of cases have been reported as a result of utilizing N95 respirators that are counterfeit because of the inefficiency and lamentable quality. These respirators do not block particulates that are harmful to the individual. Therefore, fake N95 respirators expose the wearer to dust, dirt, and hazardous particulate matter. Hence, the usage of such N95 respirators must be curbed to stop the growing coronavirus cases. 

There are a few ways to figure out whether the N95 respirator is counterfeit or real. Check whether your N95 respirator’s model name has been written on the CDC’s official website or not. If the name is written, you do not have to be concerned about the authenticity of the N95 respirator. However, if the model name is not written there, you might want to consider replacing the N95 respirator with a new one and an authentic one. Fake N95 respirators usually have false spellings of NIOSH—National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. 

Moreover, fraudulent N95 respirators have ear loops instead of headbands. The real N95 respirators have headbands. These are some things that distinguish between which N95 respirator is fraud or real. The dearth of N95 respirators has shed light on the fraudulent companies that sell counterfeit N95 respirators to the public. 3M—one of the biggest N95 respirator producers in the U.S.—has sued a company whose name is Performance Supply LLC. The company has been selling fake N95 respirators at high prices to the customers and falsely ensuring the safety of their customers. 

Such companies are toying with human lives by selling false N95 respirators. There was an Amazon store that 3M has sued for allegedly selling fake N95 respirators. Such fake N95 respirators are being sold to the public of the United States. 3M said that only one Amazon store was selling fake N95 respirators, and the whole company has not been accused of advertising fake N95 respirators. In Mumbai, there was a forty-two-year-old man who was arrested for selling fake N95 respirators to the public at the pandemic’s peak. 

The people who sell fake N95 respirators are the ones that are equally responsible for the catastrophe in the United States. A plethora of coronavirus cases in the United States has been reported because of the usage of fake N95 respirators. 

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