Who should be wearing surgical masks?

Many types of research are being continued and will be continuing for a while until we have finally met with our vaccine that will help eradicate the Covid-19 once and for all from all over the environment. The thought of having a vaccine and finally being saved from the wrath of the novel coronavirus does not mean that we will not try protecting our cells and preventing the spread of the disease at our levels. 

While every one of the medical healthcare workers and the frontline workers is trying their level best to find the disease and not let it spread. We are also responsible for managing the virus at our own level and not letting it spread in any condition. Some of the best methods for us to help not spread the Novel Coronavirus and the disease caused by it that is covid-19 are below,

  1. Handwash: Among many methods to prevent the spread of covid-19 disease, hand wash is one of those below is the procedure that goes into this process, 

  1. Rinse your hands in water, pour some soap, spread it, and rub your hands through the soap very well.

  1. Finally, after rubbing your hands properly to get rid of the soap by putting your hands in running water and rinsing off the soap with the water.

  1. This way, you can get rid of all the materials and viruses on your hands and prevent them from going into your mucous glands like eyes, mouth, and nose.

  1. Sanitizer: Just as the handwash may protect us from the spreading of the virus similarly, the sanitizers are also used similarly, and they also have in them to protect you against the coronavirus. Below is the method that you can use a sanitizer in to not let coronavirus spread or get yourself infected by it,

  1. For the sanitizer on your palm and rub it well around the surface area of your hand.

  1. The sanitizer ones rubbed on your hands surface area will kill all the bacteria and viruses that are present on the palm and the back of your hand so that it does not get transferred to the mucous glands present on your faces like eyes, mouth, and nose and do not affect you with any viruses and the infections caused by them.

  1. 3. Social Distancing: Another type of method that can prevent the spread of covid-19 at the rate that it has been spreading recently is using social distancing. Below are some points about social distancing that you should be aware of,

  1. During social distancing, we need to stay away from each other, for example. If there are two people in the same room or especially in a public place, they need to maintain a distance of one hand from each other to transfer no viruses or bacteria from one person to another.

  1. Maintaining a distance between one another can prevent the spread of disease to greater levels, and therefore the disease can be controlled better.

  1. 4. Quarantine: When there is a problem, there are many solutions to it. One such solution for the covid-19 disease, or we can say to prevent the covid-19 disease from spreading, is quarantining. Below are the steps that define you about what actually is a Quarantine,

  1. The quarantine period is basically or term of a few days in which a person is isolated and kept in a position where he or she does not have direct interaction with another human being so that if the person was ever exposed to the covid-19 disease, he or she does not affect another human being from that particular disease.

  1. Also, the Quarantine period allows you to show the symptoms so that you can be given the proper treatment at the proper time, and you can prevent your families and friends from getting infected.

  1. 5. Personal Protective Equipment: Last but not least are the personal protective equipment that has been used by human beings all over the world for a very long time now to protect themselves from any harmful substances or viruses bacteria that are present in the environment. At the times of coronavirus, it has proved as a boon to protect humans from getting infected by the Novel coronavirus that has been widespread. Below are some of the personal protective equipment that you should be aware of,

  1.  N95 Respirators: These are respirators that protect a very great efficiency of 95% against the viruses and bacteria present in the environment. 

  1. Surgical Masks: Surgical masks are another kind of dead person protective equipment. They are a bit loose fit, so they provide better grade ability than N95 respirators but do not provide as high an efficiency as the N95 respirators.

  1. Face Shield: Face Shields are a plastic material covering all three mucous glands, i.e., the eyes, mouth, and nose from the outer environment and the microorganisms in it.

Who should be wearing surgical masks?

Below are the points mentioning who are the people who should be able to wear the surgical mask,

  • First and foremost, the surgical mask should be worn by the medical health care workers because they are in direct contact with the coronavirus patients. They have to treat them and provide them with the requirements to survive the problems faced due to the novel coronavirus.

  • Secondly, the surgical mask should be provided to the frontline workers because they are putting the life at stake for the country and the people in it.

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