Who Should Wear a Face Mask and When?

Face masks have been widely talked about since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before that, few people thought that they should be wearing a face mask when going out. Fast forward a few months later, and it’s a rarity to go out and not see somebody with one, with governments recommending them as a viable option for reducing the transmission of the new coronavirus.

Today, we are going to discuss the purpose of wearing a face mask, who needs to wear a disposable face mask, who needs to wear N95 respirator or cloth covering and when.

We realize that there is a lot of confusion around this topic, and want to help people learn more about face masks, so they can protect themselves and others around them.

We created this article to provide valuable information to:

  • Everyday people


  • Medical workers


  • First-responders

Before we start, you should know that they are three types of masks:

  • Medical, also-known-as surgical or disposable masks.


  • Cloth coverings / cloth masks.


  • How protective are face masks?]

Who Needs a Cloth Covering?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended that anyone who does not have access to a face mask should use a cloth covering to protect the people around them. If you do not have a cloth mask, you can easily make one from a T-shirt, towel, scarf, or other clothing material.  

When Do You Need a Cloth Covering?

Whether you’re currently ill or not, you should wear a cloth face covering when going out in public if you don’t have immediate access to disposable face masks.

This way, you can protect those around you from any potentially harmful body fluids you might release by sneezing or coughing.

Keep in mind that wearing a face-covering doesn’t mean you don’t have to maintain social distancing when you’re out.

Who Needs an N95 Face Mask?

Now, more than ever, medical workers need N95 face masks.

Locations that are short in these critical supplies recommend that medical professionals can reuse their N95 masks.

An N95 face mask is intended for healthcare professionals, but everyone can purchase one if they want to achieve the highest degree of protection from airborne viral particles.

Healthcare workers working the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic need N95 masks the most because these respirators are one of the best ways to protect yourself from harmful bacteria and viruses.

When Do You Need an N95 Face Mask?

The N95 face mask is a respirator that blocks a minimum of 95% of airborne particles, including viruses. They come in all shapes and sizes, and the coronavirus pandemic has seen the masks used by everyone from healthcare workers to the general public.

There are two different N95 face masks, one has a one-way air valve, and the other one doesn’t. The respirator filters the air you breathe in, protecting you from any airborne bacteria.

The N95 mask with a one-way valve keeps the respirator cool and less stuffy because it enables the air you breathe to escape more easily.

CDC reports that N95 masks with a valve also let unfiltered air escape and spread around you. That’s the only concern which made some cities to ban the use of N95 respirator.

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