The 8511 is the most coveted 3m n95 masks to wear in situations where there are pollutants of harmful elements in the atmosphere. The 8511 gives you a filtration percentage of 95 against the particles that are non-oil based. One doesn’t also feel heated up wearing 8511 because of the 2”3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve.

The heat buildup is released through this opening in 8511. The nose clip on 8511 easily and comfortably fits on fewer pressure points. 8511 is a spacious and durable respirator that is worn by many people around the world. It is specifically designed to make the wearer feel comfortable and also maximize the wearability of it. It is incorporated with an advanced electret media to make breathing easy and smooth.

The 8511 is a 3m n95 respirator that is best to be worn in dusty and hot surroundings, especially in the situations where one needs to wear a respirator for long suits wearing an 8511. It is a disposable respirator that provides maximum reliability while providing you with filtration of 95 percent against non-oil based particles. The 8511 masks are designed to be worn against particles raised from grinding, sweeping, sanding, cutting wood, or some other dusty situations. 8611 can also protect you against diseases that can spread traveling by air.

You can stay protected from biological particles like Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Bacillus anthraces, mold, etc. Though you get protected from these, you cannot be certain against protection from certain infections or illnesses. The inner side of the 8511 masks is soft and provides comfort. It has a cup-shaped body that easily fits in the right position on the face. There is room for having easy breathing, and due to the Valve, a heat flow happens. There are a braided headband and a nose clip, both of which make sure that you get a sealed and secure experience in dangerous or dusty surroundings.

The 8511 masks are accompanied by a 3M’s technology with electrostatically charged advanced microfibers filtration media that assists the ease of breathing. You can wear this respirator while wearing a variety of eyewear and also hearing aids. The 3M Cool Flow Exhaustion Valve makes the 8511 mask idea for wearing in heated and humid situations. You can release the heat buildup in the respirator easily through the Valve and get free of uncomfortable heated air in the mask.

Through this Valve, your breathing is cool and comfortable without any feeling of heat or humidity. The ease of this facility is tested perfectly by having to wear a respirator with a valve and then with not a valve in a surrounding that was heated up. The 3M technology incorporated mask was 7.5•F cooler than the other. Due to this, 3M Cool Flow masks are ideal to be worn for longer periods with an atmosphere that is heated up. Hot, humid, or physically needy atmospheres require you to be accompanied by a respirator that does not block your breathing but makes it easy. This is why 8511 is the most coveted 3M n95 respirator in for people.


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