The outspread of disease of COVID-19 made the whole of America get shaken by the state's medical condition. Many people started buying a huge amount of safety gears including personal protective equipment (PPE), disposable masks, goggles and other materials to stay safe from the deadly disease. At the same time it is observed that an imbalance of supply and need hit the globe, and the United States is no exception to that. Consequently, people who needed masks and respirators could not get it due to panic buying of these things. But at this time of shortfall of respiratory masks, especially n95, disposable face masks were still available. These surgical face masks kept selling for cheap, and people bought them to make sure they tried their best to stay safe.

America has observed an enormous scale of COVID-19 spreading in all its states, and this is the reason Americans had to stay in lockdowns of extended periods. But during this time, people wore disposable masks and took other preventive measures with the view to staying safe from this deadly virus. Even after the situations of outspread of the disease has lessened, and extreme lockdowns have been lifted, people are still practicing the ways of being preventive and protective. They are still wearing face masks, and more generally, disposable face masks are worn. It is advised not to wear disposable face masks for a second use. One can also get more specified face masks, i.e., n95, that tightly seals with your face and doesn’t let any harmful elements. But disposable face masks are essential for Americans as these do not disturb one’s daily life and play the part of keeping the wearer safe.

Generally, disposable masks come in bundles and are also available in shops and stores. Citizens of America who do not have direct contact with the medical locations can peacefully wear these loosely held masks and stay safe. These masks should not be worn after the first use as they can get tempered easily. After a duration of wearing a disposable mask for 8-10 hours, you must throw it away. Instead of using a cloth that would, again and again, disturb your daily life tasks, you can prefer wearing disposable masks that have a way to fit on your face with ease. These masks are also used as a protective layer for the n95 mask worn underneath by medical staff. It is done to prevent contamination of one group of diseased people to another group of different infected people.

After the pandemic, the medical authorities are suggesting people to keep wearing these lightweight masks and not go out completely bare. The disease can still be out there; hence prevention is better than cure. Americans are buying and stocking disposable masks as they are cheap at a price and provide a satisfactory working. These masks are being manufactured and supplied for sale in the US in vast quantities. Both online and physical shops offer the best quality of these masks at a reasonable price.

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