Why are layered masks more effective for combatting COVID-19?

Face coverings have become an important part of the lives of all the people around the world during these days. It is mainly the result of the environmental challenges that we are all facing during these days. The industrial revolution that started in the 18th century definitely was going to have a long-lasting effect on the lives of humans. No doubt, it changed the lives of humans and has made life easier for them. But, at the same time, it has destroyed the lives of humans.

The introduction of machines, factories, industries, automobiles, everything has just altered the world. Today, we are facing the problem of environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, moral pollution, and various other serious problems. These problems can make an end to our life on this planet. Every year wildfires in various regions of the world, air pollution due to smoke emitted from the factories, contaminants of these various industries, are all destroying human life.

We are all subjected to a more severe environment. Living in a condition like this, we all need to take extra measures in order to save ourselves and our loved ones from these problems. Various respiratory problems are the result of these problems. Moreover, we are today facing severe problems of more diseases these days. Every day, new viruses, bacteria, and other microbes are producing diseases that are serious and taking the lives of thousands of people.

COVID-19 and Face Coverings

COVID-19 is also one of the biggest problems that we are all facing these days. It has destroyed the whole world. Millions of people have been affected by this virus and thousands have died till now. Each day, it is causing more and more problems. It is a virus that attacks the respiratory tract and causes a severe respiratory infection that can lead to the slow death of the patient. So, for the protection against this virus, the health officials and researchers have recommended the use of various PPEs.

The personal protection equipment includes surgical masks, medical masks, N95 masks, N95 respirators, gloves, gowns, and various others. However, from all of these tools, N95 masks are highly appreciated and recommended. These are NIOSH verified and the most reliable protection gears. The face masks are verified for their air filtration ability and then released in the market for sale.

But not all the face masks are as effective as others. Some of the masks are the best in blocking viruses and stopping the spread of the virus. While there are others that do not provide effective protection against the virus and just stop the larger particles. However, the face masks with the layering are the best in this case.

Face Masks with the Layers

After observing the severity of the COVID-19 virus, the manufacturers around the world started manufacturing masks with the layers. The purpose of the layers was to ensure extra protection. Most of the face masks or N95 masks are coming with the layers. Some of these masks have 3 layers, and some have a higher number of layers. All of these layers act as the blocks for stopping the virus. If the virus breaches the first layer, then definitely the second layer will try to stop it.

In the same ways, all of the layers provide extra protection and block the virus at each step. The first layers probably help in stopping the dust and the larger particles while the next layers that are present inside, filter the viruses and bacteria. The smallest of the particles are filtered through these layers. So, the effectiveness of these masks is definitely higher than the ones that have no layers or just one layer.

N95 Mask with the layers

N95 masks also come with filters and layers. All of these layers provide greater protection from the virus at each step. 3M Company that is one of the biggest N95 manufacturing firms ensured that the virus should not penetrate through the mask in any case. These layers are the guards and they do not allow the virus to pass through. Following are some of the N95 mask models with the layers:

Mush 6 Layered N95 Mask

It is one of the best N95 mask models which comes with the 6 layers. All of these layers provide protection against specific agents. Dust, smog, ash, and other microscopic particles can be filtered through these layers. A 95% protection level is ensured through these masks. The layers are melt blown and non-woven fibers which are the best and most effective for protection against different contaminants.

Surgical Masks with the Layers

At the start of the pandemic, surgical masks with the three layers surfaced the market. These surgical masks proved to be one of the best products in PPEs that helped people in having effective protection. The COVID-19 virus is very small and it can penetrate through all of the masks. However, when there are layers, it becomes difficult for the virus to pass through. These surgical masks were used most effectively inside the healthcare facilities as a replacement of the N95 mask during the shortage of days.


The face masks with the layers are most efficient against the COVID-19 because the layers protect step by step. Health officials recommend the use of these layered masks just because of the effectiveness that they provide.

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