The 3M 8511 N95 respirators are one of the most premium categories in the 3M respiratory line-up. With its increasing demand and low production rate, there are plenty of copycats selling products by the same name but in lower quality.

To save the consumers from being duped by these frauds, it is advised that buyers buy authentic 3M 8511 respirators from the authorized retailers and the official website. Recently two Californian men were charged with conspiracy to commit 4-million-dollar wire fraud. This example alone should let you know the hassle you could face if you buy something online, and it turns out to be a fake. This article is directed to educate its readers about the dangers of buying 3M 8511 respirators online. You can likely be duped into buying an inferior product at a higher price.

Dangers of buying a fake product

With the rising demand for 3M 8511 respirators all over the United States and the world, the company 3M has been unable to cope with the astronomical demands of the government and the population. Amid this chaos, several copycats and frauds have emerged all over the world. These people conspire to make illegal forgeries of the company's product. By doing so, they commit a serious crime and jeopardize hundreds of lives at risk. If allowed to make their way to the market, these fake products could potentially increase the already high number of COVID patients in the United States.

How buying respirators from Amazon is dangerous?

One of the most used platforms by these felons is Amazon. Since you cannot inspect your product firsthand, the website has become a breeding ground for all kinds of dupes and frauds. To protect yourself and your family from scams like these, it is important to order or buy the 8511s from an authentic dealer or the official website of 3M™.

Another reason for not buying from amazon or a shady dealer is the price hike. Since these websites do not regulate the prices of such products and give the seller the independence of setting his price. The result is that the product ends up getting way more expensive than it is.

If consumers keep buying from apps and websites like Amazon, it could promote hoarding and an unnecessary price hike, which will further the distance between the consumers and their desired product.

Final thoughts

The 3M 8511 N95 masks cannot be copied so easily. Any forgery made in its name cannot compare to the quality the original product provides. It is important to understand the gravity of the situation. In an environment where death is spread in the air, and the only separation between you and death is a well-made respirator, you cannot afford to wear a faulty piece.

Thus, you must buy verified and original products from the company’s website or an authentic retailer.

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