Why COVID is resurging in the US, and what N95 masks are doing to prevent the spread

The reasons behind this very harsh condition in the United States of America:

Delayed Response:

By the time Donald Trump introduced travel restrictions, almost 430,000 people, including thousands who flew directly from Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, had already arrived in the U.S. on direct flights from China.

In mid-January, the first confirmed case in the United States was diagnosed. While it got the first formal notification of the outbreak on January 3, there was hardly any screening at airports until then. When the screening started, it was limited to travelers who had been to Wuhan, and at three airports as well.

The administration has been taking the outbreak lightly for a good 35 days. They didn't respond at all to the disease. To Wall Street, they replied. The financial markets noticed that something was terribly wrong when the numbers of infected people started to increase across the globe. All through the last week of February, the market collapsed.

The administration kept lying to people until then. "The administration kept maintaining that America had little to worry about, from saying" this is common flu "to" we have it under control.

Not unexpectedly, people didn't take the illness seriously. As a result of this, the virus spread its presence from few localized clusters in Washington, New York, and California to all 50 states between 29 February and 15 March.

It was only at the end of mid-March that the government actually understood that they were dealing with a tragedy. President Trump introduced new coronavirus recommendations in a briefing at the White House and advised people to stop discretionary travel and go out to bars, restaurants, and food courts.

Right-wing Propaganda:

The right-wing party, including the POTUS, the mainstream RW media, libertarians, and RW social media, laughed at the virus called common flu for the longest period of time. They ridiculed the left-wing media and Democrats for spreading hysteria and panic. Donald Trump himself said it was like the common flu and one day it would magically vanish.

They continued to insist that # coronavirus was yet another disease and we were not expected to listen to media crowds trying to convince us otherwise. They kept saying this was a dirty tactic that was being used by the Democrats to bring down President Trump. As normal, they declined to take the blame when the number of contagious individuals rose and kept the previous administration accountable for the outbreak.

Slow Testing and Unpreparedness:

The US health department is also uncertain of the actual number of infections, with half a million infections on hand. Experts conclude that due to the lack of proper research, the initial figures published by CDC were flawed. The proof was found by virologist Trevor Bedford to indicate that the coronavirus had already infected about 87,000 Americans in January.  Around the world, health experts believe that the US has been caught napping.

The United States and South Korea, for instance, announced their first COVID-19 cases within a day of each other. Although the United States barely recognized its seriousness, South Korea quickly geared up and began massively conducting tests. On February 23, a national emergency was declared by the South Korean government. They produced 1 million testing kits at one point.

A tragedy was waiting to happen in the United States. The CDC administered flawed samples to state and local health departments at the beginning of the outbreak. As the hospitals were crawling with patients, the top virology experts in the world begged to be allowed to examine them, but their requests were rejected by the FDA. The FDA prevented its own experiments from being carried out by independent laboratories.

Paying a heavy price:

It's very shocking to see here in India that the world's most strong nation, armed with some of the most highly trained scientists and specialists in infectious diseases, has struggled to survive the Coronavirus. The way the health department fucked up the situation's testing and overall handling does not inspire confidence. There was no planning for the administration and the testing was sluggish. In reality, the administration and the media deceived Americans.

What N95 masks are doing to prevent the spread?

N95 masks are made from nonwoven material which helps a lot to filter out particles from being inhaled by the wearer as well as preventing the wearer from releasing respiratory matter into the external environment.

Particles get stuck when they are forced to make twists and turn across the nonwoven material fibers’ thick network. Such fibers are as small as a single micron, helping to capture particles.

The mask becomes an even better filter when those particles congest. But the accumulation will make it less convenient for the makers to breathe, hence why they are built to be disposable. N95 masks also come with material that is electrostatically charged and helps to attract particles.

Trusted and well-informed contact is crucial in order to flatten the curve and reduce the incidence of infections, as humanity needs concerted efforts in the battle against Covid-19 from people in all corners of the world.

Masks have become a constant feature of many Canadians' day-to-day lives, which are now not only discovering the type of masks available, which one fits best and what is most suitable for use.

As for N95s, as highlighted above, they can help combat the Covid-19 spread. But a successful job cannot be achieved by wearing a protective face mask alone. Make sure that you practice good hand hygiene and, wherever possible, observe social distance to protect yourself best from possible infection.

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