N95 respirator

The N95 respirator or the N95 mask is the most important personal protective equipment (PPE) which prevents the user from inhaling deleterious airborne particles that could be hazardous to a person’s health. These airborne particles include dust, pollutants, dirt, mist, and bacteria, etc.

The N95 respirator filters out 95% of the airborne particles (dust, dirt, fumes, and mist), and what makes other respirators inferior to the N95 respirator is its ability to filter out particles smaller than 0.3μm, which are caused after coughing, sneezing, or talking, etc. 

Therefore, N95 respirators are safer than other masks and respirators. And they protect an individual from getting infected by viral diseases, infectious agents, dust, dirt, mist, and fumes, etc. Hence, wearing the N95 respirator is crucial during COVID-19 to protect oneself from getting infected.

This product is approved by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which shows how exceptional the quality of this mask is. N95 respirators have been proven to be the most useful and important personal protective equipment (PPE) during the pandemic. 

Why are N95 masks important for air travel?

A team of University of Illinois has strongly recommended the higher authorities like World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to include N95 respirators as a requirement for anyone who wants to travel by airplanes. 

But since there has been a major shortage of N95 masks across the United States, the CDC has only decided to give ample proportions of the N95 masks to the healthcare workers who are vulnerable to COVID-19 as they are treating infected COVID-19 patients. 

The team recommended the higher authorities to mandate the use of N95 masks for all the people who travel by airplanes. This is because the people who are on the flight breathe in and breathe out heavily when the airplane is in the air. 

Because of inhaling the recycled air, an individual can breathe in the hazardous airborne particles exhaled by an individual who has been infected by COVID-19. This would not curb the COVID-19 cases; it would do the contrary. 

Hence, it is indispensable for the higher authorities to mandate the use of N95 respirators as the N95 respirator filters out or blocks 95 percent of hazardous airborne particles. Furthermore, it prevents an individual from inhaling such deleterious airborne particles. 

N95 masks are important for air travel because an individual, who does not know he has been infected by COVID-19 and who has not worn the N95 mask, can spread the virus to other individuals by breathing or talking close to them.

That person would inhale those harmful airborne particles, and this fatal pandemic would never come to a stop. Hence, the usage of N95 masks must be made compulsory for anyone who wants to travel somewhere by airplanes. 

Why is the N95 mask the best mask for air travel?

The N95 mask is better than the other masks or respirators because it can filter out or block particles that are tinier than 0.3um. No other mask or respirator can filter out particles that are tiny to this extent. Only the N95 mask or the N95 respirator can. 

This makes the N95 respirator the safest and the best choice for people who want to air travel. There has been a severe shortage of N95 masks since the pandemic began. Everyone bought the N95 masks in sufficient proportions for their family and themselves.

By looking at this critically, one can determine the significance and importance of the N95 masks. The team from Illinois recommended the higher authorities to make the use of N95 masks mandatory for anyone who does air travel. 

After the shortage, the FDA approved that the N95 masks ought to be decontaminated as buying new N95 masks would waste them. Decontaminating N95 masks means cleaning or sanitizing an N95 mask after using it. 

This is how severe the condition of the United States is when it comes to N95 masks. Since the N95 masks are short in the United States, the CDC says that it is recommended for healthcare workers. The team from Illinois is trying to put the use of N95 masks during air travel on that recommended list as people are quite vulnerable to getting infected on airplanes.

Since the N95 respirators protect an individual a lot, it is the best mask for air travel. Therefore, it is quite dangerous for an individual who travels by air. To cope with this conundrum, the higher authorities must include the N95 respirator as a product for anyone who travels by air. 


The N95 masks have been considered the best and the most important respirator or mask for air travel. Since all the people in an airplane are quite vulnerable to contracting a contagious disease like COVID-19, it has been urged by the team of the University of Illinois to make the use of N95 masks mandatory for people who do air travel.

This is because an individual inhales and exhales a lot while traveling on an airplane. An individual breathes recycled air as well. Therefore, the CDC must recommend the use of N95 masks in airplanes because not doing that might result in a major catastrophe.

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