Why do construction workers wear N95 masks?

Every other coming day the world is Bheem mat whether a new difficulty of a completely new outsource but when we try to grab hold of the main issue we come to find that just like the planets are all revolving around the sun similarity all these new problems that are arising every other day are a result of one single source that is the spread of covid-19 disease all over the world. 

There were issues before the disease, and there will be issues after the disease, but some of the issues that are arising at present are just the result of covid-19, which has caused a weirdly alarming situation all over the world. 

We have faced many problems and difficulties in every step of life somehow because the fairy tale that he thought life was in her childhood is really not a fairytale when we come to realize the severity of survival. We as children have always been of the thinking that life is just like a piece of cake and never have we ever thought that in our lives we would have to face difficulties and to top it all we will have to go through a situation caused by a widespread virus named novel coronavirus by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Since December of Year 2019, when we were first met with the news and the constant discussions about a newly found virus strain of the coronavirus family and when today we have reached the beginning of the Year 2021, we are still amidst new information that has been circulating all over the world that there has been encountered another strain of the similar virus, this has been found in different countries and spreading with greater rates than the earlier virus.

Though there are many difficulties regarding the treatment of covid-19 disease to the researches being carried out for finding a permanent solution for the disease is a form of vaccine by different scientists and researchers all over the world we still have some issues or problems that are common and have been continued from the time back when there was no coronavirus.

A similar issue is the N95 respirators being a necessity or being worn by construction workers worldwide. We are very well aware of issues regarding respiratory problems and N95 respirators being worn by the construction workers is one of them. Below are some of the points that we will be focusing on to finally find out why do construction workers need N95 respirators,

  1. What should we know about construction workers?
  2. What are N95 Masks? 
  3. Why do the construction workers wear N95 Masks? 

What should we know about construction workers?

Before getting deeper into the fact that why actually are the N95 respirators very necessary for the construction workers, we first need to have a clear mind on construction workers and some of the responsibilities that follow being a construction worker. Follow the points below to have clearance on the mentioned questions,

  • When talking about a construction worker, you can basically imagine a person who is part of the team responsible for construction. Still, a construction worker's core work is to do all the manual labor required in a particular construction.
  • When talking about manual labor performed by a construction worker, below are some of the tasks that they are known to perform,
  • Removing debris or any other kind of hazardous particles or products around a construction site is the construction worker's responsibility.
  • When it comes to construction work, we are very aware that there will be material needed for the construction of a particular building or anything that is being constructed; therefore, the work of construction workers is to load and unload the materials required for building.
  • Digging necessary drains and filling up the construction site to provide a better construction field is all the work done by a construction worker.
  • The other works done by construction workers may include doing small works for the higher-ups in their construction team to be made easier.

What are N95 Masks?

Now coming to the N95 masks and what actually are these. First of all, we need to address that before Covid-19, we were never aware that N95 respirators are present in the world. Below are some of the points of N95 respirators that many of you might be aware of and many of you would benefit from,

  • These N95 respirators are designed to possess in them the capability of protecting the outside environment to the efficiency of 95%. Thereby, you can prevent yourself from the bacterias and viruses present in the outer environment.
  • Another point about N95 respirators that you should be aware of is that they are not designed to protect you from Oil-based aerosols.
  • They are designed to provide the person who has put the mask on with very high fluid resistance and excellent breathability.
  • They also have in them a feature that provides very clearly identifiable internal and external faces. 
  • They feature a ducklike or Cup-shaped structure design that does not let the mask collapse against your mouth.

Why do the construction workers wear N95 Masks? 

The construction workers are known to do manual labor, and we have already discussed earlier. With manual labor comes to a lot of exposure to environmental particles like dust, bacterias, and viruses. Therefore they need protection or shielding against these pollutants and are suggested to put on N95 respirators.

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